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junne deal cruz
Dec 2019 still inlove with this song 😍😍
Comment from : junne deal cruz

Shreya Choudhury
I still remember Pia from American Idol Season 10. She was the best of the best and deserved to win the whole title. The elimination was the most shocking!!
Comment from : Shreya Choudhury

defamation of character
Comment from : defamation of character

Ariel K.
Still listening in 2018 and remember the lyrics
Comment from : Ariel K.

May J
I love this song, it's so strong in meaning..and yes.. She has a great voice... India.
Comment from : May J

A Koala Bear 🐨
I remember I really liked this song when I was younger because of So Random. Now that I'm older I understand the song better and it only makes it better. Its sad that this song never got really popular. It has great lyrics, an empowering message, and she has an amazing voice.
Comment from : A Koala Bear 🐨

Who is here for 2017?
Comment from : Heaven

Skyler062 J
OMG! I remember when she sang on That's So Random when I was just a little kid and I just love this song!!!!!!
Comment from : Skyler062 J

lol lol
Yes omg i used to sing this so much
Comment from : lol lol

Che Pargo
I so rember this from so random
Comment from : Che Pargo

Iesha Washington
Pia Toscano should've won American Idol. She was my favorite singer in that season of the show.
Comment from : Iesha Washington

cassie long
omg i miss this song
Comment from : cassie long

cassie long
omg i miss this song
Comment from : cassie long

Kilyzzle 48
who remembers this from So Random?
Comment from : Kilyzzle 48

Allie Rudick
I really needed this. Thank you so much!
Comment from : Allie Rudick

vanessa gutierrez
#Bestbreakupsongever 👌👌💃
Comment from : vanessa gutierrez

Avery Edwards

Comment from : Avery Edwards

Taishanna Williams
im life so rough i listen to this nd cry my eyes out this song explains it all
Comment from : Taishanna Williams

SiNgLe LoVe
this time i will do it my way instead of listen to everybody else !!!>:(
sick of men being dick heads

Comment from : SiNgLe LoVe

Maya DeSpain
Can you post a karaoke version?
Comment from : Maya DeSpain

Gummy Heart
BEST SONG EVER!!!!!! <3 Pia is amazing
Comment from : Gummy Heart

Laron taylor
love this song me!
Comment from : Laron taylor

SpongeFran SqaurePants
This time, I'm gonna do it my way! D:<
Comment from : SpongeFran SqaurePants

Daverus Reed
like if this women is your inspiration.
Comment from : Daverus Reed

Came here because of Todrick Hall :)
Comment from : Tea-anna

I think she or Haley should have won!! They are so amazing!! <33
Comment from : xxNelenaLolenaxx

love it
Comment from : MsSmartcatpink

Maya Hauser
So Random led me here...
Comment from : Maya Hauser

sheridyn manning
pretty song
Comment from : sheridyn manning

Ari Lovato
The older I get, the more I can actually relate.
Comment from : Ari Lovato

You are correct. She was on American Idol and was eliminated.
Comment from : TabortoothTiger

dasia hawthorne
Comment from : dasia hawthorne

oumou diallo
like if u love this song
Comment from : oumou diallo

she was I think she was on American Idol
Comment from : TheQueenKasey

Gardenia Sanerivi
i am in love with this song. remembered in one go. Best singer eva!
Comment from : Gardenia Sanerivi

Tangella Williams
i absolutley loveeeeeeeeeeeeee this sonqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq !!!
Comment from : Tangella Williams

Salma Galal
The Best Song Evaaa :*
Comment from : Salma Galal

she sounds like Shakira!!!!
Comment from : maddy32406

Alexis Page
wasnt she on americain idol one year?
Comment from : Alexis Page

littleshortie styles
this song describes me so well funny cuz tomorrow im gonna do it my way and go back 2 the girl i was when my friends found me
Comment from : littleshortie styles

Se'Mone B.
i love this song so much!im going to listen to this song everyday!
Comment from : Se'Mone B.

who was eliminated?
Comment from : Geek-A-Rrific

Love Cup
like if u still listen 2 this in 2013
Comment from : Love Cup

Dog Lover 1999
The best songs are always the shortest songs.
Comment from : Dog Lover 1999

keasha bennett
this song is so inspirational this is why i stand up for myself and show who i really am not faking for other people like if this is so inspirational
Comment from : keasha bennett

it shoulda been down to Her, and Scotty.... but My Boy won, So... Still Love her <3
Comment from : ThePTCarter

stacie torres
its a really good song !!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment from : stacie torres

Andrea Perlberg
ome i was 11 when she was on idol. when kicked off i was upset even tho shewas my second fav loren was my nobor #1 fav
Comment from : Andrea Perlberg

rhea maglalang
i want to be a singer but only like pia toscano !!!!!!!!! pia fans
Comment from : rhea maglalang

rhea maglalang
i cant believe that pia is elliminated on american idol season 10 until now!!!! how can they elliminate this one of greatest talent of america
Comment from : rhea maglalang

Crystal Monët
i love this song :)
Comment from : Crystal Monët

Wilson Paulino
Pia : I remember your first addition on American idol, since day one i loved you. You are great singer. no matter what. Good luck to you. I love you.
Comment from : Wilson Paulino

Like if you brought yourself here, screw So Random.. Pia Toscano FTW <3
Comment from : erica2968

Kaleigh Jefferies
wish i could find a karaoke of this :/ best lyrics ive found so far!
Comment from : Kaleigh Jefferies

Kendra Smith
love dis song much.................like alot
Comment from : Kendra Smith

Justin Kinney
Just go for it
Comment from : Justin Kinney

it sounds like dogs are barking in the background on the chorus
Comment from : Rads021

Lauren Adams
I found this song when my friends told me I sing exactly like her, guess it's a compliment. :D
Comment from : Lauren Adams

Jose Quezada
FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE 500,000 people dont watch asians sing jk she is an AMAZING singer!!!
Comment from : Jose Quezada

Shay G
well , i listened it .. and realised i'm a jerk . but , it's to late for sorry ..
Comment from : Shay G

Shay G
listen to the words *~*
Comment from : Shay G

drini smith
amazing song she has an amazing voice!!! <3
Comment from : drini smith

Marie Wise
hey i am upset cause i love this song cause my best freind forever me and him always love this song cause meand usely solve all of my problems
Comment from : Marie Wise

chevelle kahooilihala
this song is totally me:) i can so relate my older sister/guardian treats me like shit n she better expect the unexpected!!!!:):):)
Comment from : chevelle kahooilihala

Kat Nace
awesome song visit my channel kaitlyn nace
Comment from : Kat Nace

Sarah lala
Comment from : Sarah lala

Lil Chas
Lovee It !
Comment from : Lil Chas

karen qualls
I luv it Ur awesome and pretty you should do American idol again I was pist when you didn't make it
Comment from : karen qualls

Carson Lozano
this song is too my ex boyfriend for cheating on me :/ SUCKS TO BE YOU! *shot.* .3.
Comment from : Carson Lozano

mrsDK 11
i wish i was pio tisquato love her voice
Comment from : mrsDK 11

andrea soto
i hate this pia song jk
Comment from : andrea soto

suhaylah qeliqi
Looooooooooooooooooooove it!![iminent=uOBX6iUL1VEE]
Comment from : suhaylah qeliqi

not bad. was expecting a sorry rap fill in for the middle of the song. Thank God it wasnt there. She has a good voice.
Comment from : MJ1341

Emily Gawrych
<3 this song! and it shows guys, yah! so there! we can tell u off 2!
Comment from : Emily Gawrych

leonora ajdari
Like if American Idol brought you here !!!
Comment from : leonora ajdari

Lucero Becky Limaylla
soy de Perú , y que hermosa voz tiene MIa Toscano,la amo♥
Comment from : Lucero Becky Limaylla

Laya Denny
i love this song omg!
Comment from : Laya Denny

Danita Hughes
i love her so much. wish i had her voice but proud of mine
Comment from : Danita Hughes

momo Cr
awesome song!!!!!!! love it
Comment from : momo Cr

martin flores
this reminds me about crush on a boy in my school
Comment from : martin flores

destini davis
omg luv this song
Comment from : destini davis

GINEBRA nazario
Comment from : GINEBRA nazario

nya linzy
Comment from : nya linzy

nya linzy
yea so true
Comment from : nya linzy

nya linzy
true that
Comment from : nya linzy

nya linzy
omg i luv this song its a great song for people with many heatrbreaks
Comment from : nya linzy

Maricella's Life
Comment from : Maricella's Life

kaykay lastsmith
love this song
Comment from : kaykay lastsmith

Chelsea malik
thumbs up if u like this song!!!
Comment from : Chelsea malik

Chelsea malik
luv this song itz the best
Comment from : Chelsea malik

Darcy Deyes
i think she sounds like shakira a bit
Comment from : Darcy Deyes

i lovet his songg
Comment from : Vonnie

amari jones
Like if So Random brought you here.!!:)
Comment from : amari jones

SpongeFran SqaurePants
post this song on facebook!!!! this is a great song it has a meaning
Comment from : SpongeFran SqaurePants

Nicole Parker
awhile *** you spelt that wrong
Comment from : Nicole Parker

mackayla renee
i love this song
Comment from : mackayla renee

Nana Cooper
She was my fav on American Idol but fro some reason I knew that Scotty would win
Comment from : Nana Cooper

Maria Halecky
she is a awesome singer she should of won american idol.
Comment from : Maria Halecky

she is a lovely singer with a lovely song with lovely lyrics. LIKE if you agree that she should have won American Idol fair and square!
Comment from : TheSmileeLee

love herr
Comment from : MariaSweetie11

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