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limuel magno
the song fuck u
Comment from : limuel magno

limuel magno
fuck u
Comment from : limuel magno

limuel magno
Comment from : limuel magno

Lillian Xiang
This is the song that I sang graduating primary school and it represented me back then, now at the end of this year I’m graduating high school using this song as a constant reminder of my past and motivation to keep going. 💖such a nostalgic song
Comment from : Lillian Xiang

Diki Lamu
It's similar to one song(hey soul sister).. sorry to say... But I feel that
Comment from : Diki Lamu

Connor Peterson 51
Why does this song remind me of the year 2012 when I didn’t even know this song existed in 2012
Comment from : Connor Peterson 51

Tiffany Quintas
hmmmmm BEST SONG
Comment from : Tiffany Quintas

I like how its a lyric video yet they still put the lyrics in the description😄😑
Comment from : DíåmøñdŴølf

Leah Lawrence
this song blows ELEPHANT NUTS
Comment from : Leah Lawrence

DalonDragon DLDG
2020 i still listen😀 cuz" i love Imagine Dragon"
Comment from : DalonDragon DLDG

THe INTRovert
I hear it before then I forgot it... But here I am now
Comment from : THe INTRovert

kanav singla
Hey see what good music looks like...🙄
Comment from : kanav singla

cash riker
I love this song
Comment from : cash riker

God Child
Me neither.
I can't wait to throw the dragon in the LOF for everlasting.


Comment from : God Child

Kizana Grey
I feel like I've heard the beginning music somewhere but can't tell where
Comment from : Kizana Grey

This was my class song, Chopticon 2014. Middle of nowhere Maryland. Our teachers gave us shit for picking it. This song speaks volumes to those of my generation.
Comment from : Geocreator

Elijah Wood
Not the same without cubes
Comment from : Elijah Wood

FAZE Savage_ BTW
Anagin dragen thes nuts a crossed ur face
Comment from : FAZE Savage_ BTW

Karen Smith
this song gives me nostalgia and flashbacks of me with my best friend, makes me so sad.
Comment from : Karen Smith

endoresu shikyo
I get a little bit bigger but then I'll admit
I'm just the same as I was
Now don't you understand?
That I'm never changing who I am.

my friends don't understand that

Comment from : endoresu shikyo

Prabhdeep Parmar


Comment from : Prabhdeep Parmar

For some reason i get this song mixed up with Anxiety by Blackbear at 0:55
Comment from : Fridayplayer

Comment from : franev

Majimak chorong
Comment from : MzTxXz

Ark Wolf
A lot of memories of Greenwood Arkansas
Comment from : Ark Wolf

I Breathe BakuDeku
2:46 made me get in my feels
Comment from : I Breathe BakuDeku

0:55 me procrastinating on my homework
Comment from : Caitlin

A Gaytheist
Back when Imagine Dragons was worth listening to. "Night Visions" is one of two albums I've ever bought. Sad that they went straight to shit right after this.
Comment from : A Gaytheist

Rachelle Anne Booc
its the time to help people so don't change who you are so don't sleep and its time to help!!!!!!!
Comment from : Rachelle Anne Booc

Linda Steever
Time is it
Comment from : Linda Steever

Jacob Landers
I always loved this song when it came on the radio but I never knew the name or who the artists were.
Comment from : Jacob Landers

0:55 Those notes sound like a familiar Radiohead song..
Comment from : Stixman415

Robo Gf
I have never heard a happier edit audio for this it's all been slowed and made me cry
Comment from : Robo Gf

The Real Gia Marie
this was my year 6 graduation song and every time I hear it I cry lol
Comment from : The Real Gia Marie

LR kindness is what we should all obtain
2020... ok just me
Comment from : LR kindness is what we should all obtain

Brooke Thomas-Murrin
Anyone 2020 aha
This song is fire and emotional 💖🥴🥰🤧🥺🥵

Comment from : Brooke Thomas-Murrin

Do Not Give Up
It is December 31, 2019. As I was Praying This Morning I Heard The Lord Say, "It's Time," And I Thought Time For What. I Googled, Its Time, And This Song Came Up. As I listened To The Words, I'm Not Changeing Who I Am, I Pondered,, Is That What God Is Telling Me, That I Am Not To Try To Change Who I Am, But Allow Him To Help Me To Be The Best Me That Ever Was
Comment from : Do Not Give Up

Captain Komet
Listening to this before the end of the decade hits different
Comment from : Captain Komet

Blasting this song on new year’s
Comment from : TN D

Yk. Zane
I miss 2012 music
Comment from : Yk. Zane

Yk. Zane
I miss 2012
Comment from : Yk. Zane

Sherajum Monira Moni
I knew this is your first song
Comment from : Sherajum Monira Moni

Michael Miller
It just feels like freedom to life and the afterlife to heaven
Comment from : Michael Miller

Michael Miller
This song makes me feel like I’m free in a world of paradise where u can do anything and no one cares 😄
Comment from : Michael Miller

Trinity Rice
I love this song
Comment from : Trinity Rice

Breaski daindigo
This helped me a lot thank you!! 😊
Comment from : Breaski daindigo

Phoenix Man
Sometimes I come here just to see the teenagers saying "best part of the song was..."
Comment from : Phoenix Man

Yessika Vega
So this is what you meant when you said that you would spend from the bottom of the pit right to the top don’t hold back
Comment from : Yessika Vega

marshal avv
Comment from : marshal avv

The Meme Page
"Song that starts off with so this is what you meant"
Thanks youtube. :)

Comment from : The Meme Page

marshal avv
trust me we're not bad people or criminals
Comment from : marshal avv

Bei dem Lied muss ich immer weinen, weil ich an die Schönen Momente meiner alten Schule denken muss. #AbschlussballLied
Die besten Grüße und das größte Dankeschön gehen raus an die beiden besten Lehrer❤✨

Comment from : Beatrix

_Roxy Amelia_
The beat is really nostalgic.
Comment from : _Roxy Amelia_

Donut Gaming Z
Arthur morgan : don't look back
Comment from : Donut Gaming Z

Nerdy Gurl 11
Who's here in 2019 or 2020?!?! Omg just me ... Ok ❤️♥️🧡💛 💚💙 💜 🌺 luv this song y'all 💙💜
Comment from : Nerdy Gurl 11

fahriz ethan
Roses are red
Paper is thin
For god's sake
No one care what year you're in

Comment from : fahriz ethan

Farasha Rania Hafiz
It's a horrible song I ever heard
Comment from : Farasha Rania Hafiz

Bilal Alnaemi
Comment from : Bilal Alnaemi

melissa martin
2019 december^-^ anyone....? hit a like^-^!!!
Comment from : melissa martin

Ella Blanchette
I really want to be an actress. I love to act and I want to have a platform that I can use for good. I also suffer with depression, anxiety and some much more. This song gets me though it all.
Comment from : Ella Blanchette

Noah Rushing
The beginning kinda sounds like The Best Day Of My Life....
Comment from : Noah Rushing

Uraraka Zero-Gravity
"I get a little bit bigger but then I'll admit I'm just the same as I was"

Literally everyone who is short

Comment from : Uraraka Zero-Gravity

Samer Pasquini
This should have more views than despacito
Comment from : Samer Pasquini

Koolmart Sales and service
Imagine dragon is good 👍
Comment from : Koolmart Sales and service

This is cool to play in beat saber
Comment from : virtualjake05

Jr White
Still haven't changed who I am.
Comment from : Jr White

angiee_luvs Arellano
2020 is coming 😭
Comment from : angiee_luvs Arellano

Richy San
R.I.P to Tyler Robinson😔
Comment from : Richy San

Luca Vecchitto
any 2000s here
Comment from : Luca Vecchitto

Almost 2020- this song is still a bop
Comment from : Sadie

Sangeeta Giri
Isn't this a wonderful song?
Comment from : Sangeeta Giri

Andrea Thompson
love ittttt!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment from : Andrea Thompson

vedasarala chakilam
Other people search: "It's Time"
What I searched: "I'm Never changing who I am, do do do do do do do do"

Comment from : vedasarala chakilam

Comment from : knuckles

Whoever picked that name is a fucking G
Comment from : Wisey

Debbie Lowe
i love this song
Comment from : Debbie Lowe

Who’s gonna come back in 2050? 😎
Comment from : Laurie

Elijah Gibson
1:14 - 1:31 i don’t know why but this used to be my favorite part as a kid
Comment from : Elijah Gibson

can we talk about how many people mistake this for "Its gonna be the best day of my life"??.. tbh i did at first too tho so i cant talk lmao
Comment from : AgüstDs_HøpeWørld

Jenn Koko
It's time to begin...isn't it?
Comment from : Jenn Koko

Abdullah X
I heard this song live in Riyadh 💙
Comment from : Abdullah X

Comment from : Howdy

Chibi Prussia
breaks replay button
Comment from : Chibi Prussia

Kazuichi Souda
2:51 Me, committing arson:
Comment from : Kazuichi Souda

Emma the kind master
This is me looking at all of the fun times in my life while singing
Comment from : Emma the kind master

alhadi khalid
U need to go.. I won't fight anymore
Comment from : alhadi khalid

0:32 "Packing my bags and giving the academy a vide check"
Comment from : Henrike

Luka Playz
wth/what the heck,is this
#2 seconds later,I NEVER CHANGIN WHO I AM!!!!

Comment from : Luka Playz

Meow Juv
2020 anyone?
Comment from : Meow Juv

ID fan forever
Comment from : Mealtime

mahand albdery
Anyone 2019 /11/18🤗
Comment from : mahand albdery

mahand albdery
Anyone 2019 /11/18🤗
Comment from : mahand albdery

This just dropped a shit ton of nostalgia on me, i might cry i miss those times
Comment from : Xavien_N

Jo Mclean
Comment from : Jo Mclean

Marina Prada
Comment from : Marina Prada

Jonah Kane
"The path to heaven runs through miles of cloudy hell" favorite quote
Comment from : Jonah Kane

Julian Bustos
you can hear the emotion behind the lyrics this song really meant a lot to him
Comment from : Julian Bustos

Straight up one of my fav songs.
Comment from : Bomber

Olivia Ely
best song ever
Comment from : Olivia Ely

fahriz ethan
*Me Watching this music

*Realized This song now is 7 Years Old

*and still be my Favorite Music

*Worth it

Comment from : fahriz ethan

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