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TheBeautyLightroom tarte
I fucking love this song. I love Jonathan
Comment from : TheBeautyLightroom tarte

smail ben mebrouk
Comment from : smail ben mebrouk

Why do you bothered typing "lyrics"? You might as well write "random words while This Time plays, sometimes they will match, but mostly not"
Comment from : Juan

hj lee
It's one of the best songs!
Comment from : hj lee

David Curiel
Hermosa cancion august rosh😍😍😍😍
Comment from : David Curiel

Livelifeto Thefullest*
Comment from : Livelifeto Thefullest*

Charles Philabaum JR
The greatest song in the movie. I love it.
Comment from : Charles Philabaum JR

Natalie A
I still love this song! 2019 anyone???
Comment from : Natalie A

kinda a hard song to sing
Comment from : bastiisalive

Brandon Alexander
This song saved my relationship. ❤️
Comment from : Brandon Alexander

Chuck Philabaum
This song touches my heart. I love the rythem.
Comment from : Chuck Philabaum

Joker TV
Did anyone else come here because of August Rush? Or is it just me?
Comment from : Joker TV

Royald Jesus
12/07/18 and i still love this song
Comment from : Royald Jesus

A awungshi
This song really is so meaningful to me. We have people who has came to our life but they are no longer with us. Still we can't forget them they are always there.
Comment from : A awungshi

Krystal 92
Kang Seungyoon brought me here😄
Comment from : Krystal 92

ayman Fhaily
Comment from : ayman Fhaily

Paul Keddy
I honestly listen to this song every night before I go to bed .. I love it so much
Comment from : Paul Keddy

Blue Strawberry
beautiful song...
Comment from : Blue Strawberry

Ericka Valenzuela
This time...
Comment from : Ericka Valenzuela

Linda Maldonado
Tonight the stars above remind me HOW to love!
Comment from : Linda Maldonado

Dora García
Comment from : Dora García

Very nice...words are powerful. :-)
Comment from : John

Cyber Quasar
I already knew this song but its been more than 3 years since I dont listen to it, to be most precise 5 years. When accidentally this started playing my heart warm up so badly GOSH I missed this feeling within this song
Comment from : Cyber Quasar

Mimmie Henriksson
Comment from : Mimmie Henriksson

Hannah vlogs too
at this moment im seeing the movie
Comment from : Hannah vlogs too

Karen Opp
jhonathan rhys meyers is a good singer in august rush
Comment from : Karen Opp

Brenda van goethem
awesome song ...!!
Comment from : Brenda van goethem

Chrisma Mameng
Really love this song.
Comment from : Chrisma Mameng

Ushio Okazaki Kawaii
Alguém Br?
Comment from : Ushio Okazaki Kawaii

August Rush is the best movie!!
Comment from : さかききょーすけ

Devin Ersery
Gahhhh this movie is life!!!
Comment from : Devin Ersery

Blessings And Peace
Wonderful song thinking of life and it's many challenges..
Comment from : Blessings And Peace

Blessings And Peace
Comment from : Blessings And Peace

Meghan Thompson
I heard this song in the movie august rush that we are watching in band right now. I love it
Comment from : Meghan Thompson


I just covered this song, this movie has continued to stick with me after all these years. I'd really appreciate anyone that'd go and check it out; you won't be disappointed! Thank you!
Comment from : dustinsnydersguitar

francesco di prisco
i like this song jonathan is very good singer
Comment from : francesco di prisco

Walter Correa
Comment from : Walter Correa

Kyle Durand
Great movie
Comment from : Kyle Durand

Jose Cortes
oigan por favor ayudenme en qe vuelvan a poner el karaoke. de esta cancion this time. espero su respuesta. saludos. Digan algo, si o no mala ondas.
Comment from : Jose Cortes

Valerie Gonzalez
I love this song💞💗💖
Comment from : Valerie Gonzalez

Baali Wafa
Comment from : Baali Wafa

Baali Wafa
love it
Comment from : Baali Wafa

Leon S. Kennedy
i really love this song i crying on the inside right know
Comment from : Leon S. Kennedy

Leon S. Kennedy
this song makes me cry
Comment from : Leon S. Kennedy

KyeongJune Kim
still love this song
Comment from : KyeongJune Kim

Blanca Gutiérrez
Can someone tell me the meaning of this song?
Comment from : Blanca Gutiérrez

christy ballen
love it..
Comment from : christy ballen

Alvaro Sacul
i like this song. it´s beautiful.
Comment from : Alvaro Sacul

Simon Peters
This is an example of a shitty, tuneless, lyric-less piece of shit song that only stupid fucks between 13 to 30 could possibly like
Comment from : Simon Peters

Liz Añez
This is like dont be there by switchfoot  ._.
Comment from : Liz Añez

j'aime de tout mon cœur cette chanson <3 <3
Comment from : ZaNn90210✌️

Christian D.S
Nice Song.. i love it
Comment from : Christian D.S

Uncle Dan
This song makes me think of Gatsby. </3
Comment from : Uncle Dan

Larissa Benck
amooo muitoo
Comment from : Larissa Benck

Assyifa Sarah
Leader kang brought me here
Comment from : Assyifa Sarah

eliot salazar torres
excelent melody i like it
Comment from : eliot salazar torres

Seriously can't stop listening to this song! <3 what a true talent jonathan have!
Comment from : CindyMediaGeek115

This music draws me to something that's inside me
Comment from : aiashtia

Nieva Miguel
Amazing JONATHAN l love it...
Comment from : Nieva Miguel

Jose Perez
i love this song. amazing talent
Comment from : Jose Perez

Vania Rodrigues da Silva
Comment from : Vania Rodrigues da Silva

IfYou'reABird I'mABird
0:18  its "Reminds me how to love"
Comment from : IfYou'reABird I'mABird

Bhagyashree Inamdar
Wonderful song... Can't stop listening to it..
Comment from : Bhagyashree Inamdar

This is lovely and the lyrics are amazing.
Comment from : GoldenAge

Alex Serrano
Sounds manly
Comment from : Alex Serrano

Alex Serrano
Kkkoooooooool song
Comment from : Alex Serrano

love this song 3
Comment from : AoifexxGrey

Lille Lady
Sorry 'bout that :D
Comment from : Lille Lady

Nataša Leben
In 1:58 he sings surrounding me and not inside of me, just so you know :) otherwise it's a cool song :)
Comment from : Nataša Leben

Daniel Gallegos
Alternative Rock!
Comment from : Daniel Gallegos

Ayla Gonzalez
Comment from : Ayla Gonzalez

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