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So, it looks like boyish looks still take the cake. James Reid ‘s looks are still preferred by most people based sa mga taong iba iba lahi , tinanong sa times square new york city.
Comment from : steamyboy69

Tracy Maclene
Is that Issa Pressman?
Comment from : Tracy Maclene

Bev Yml
Their recent break up brought me here.. so many memories they shared together to end up just like this. But, thats life. UNPREDICTABLE. Thank you Jadine <3
#NotaJadineFan. But I love watching them :)

Comment from : Bev Yml

I am Aurora
This time or lifetime may not be for the both of you...
Comment from : I am Aurora

Tintin Urbano
: <❤
Comment from : Tintin Urbano

Jenica Eleane Santos
Ang laki ng nagawa ng otwoool. Lalo sa acting ni ateng nadz. Haaaaa i love this time talaga.

Di ko pa napapanood never not love you. Kinain ako ng acaaads

Comment from : Jenica Eleane Santos

Sarswoti Nepali
I watch 1st time Phillipnes and I found most handsome hero love from nepal
Comment from : Sarswoti Nepali

Lisa Meli
why cant i find an english subtitle...This is sooooo hurting mahn.....
Comment from : Lisa Meli

Knight Velasquez
Parang that one summer ni alyloony
Comment from : Knight Velasquez

Lander James Aquino
2019 everyone!!!?
Comment from : Lander James Aquino

Doll eyes
Si mang kulas haha
Comment from : Doll eyes

Saima Shahid
Is movie ka English subtitles ke saath kahan milega???
Comment from : Saima Shahid

Ms. Mochi
Miss na kita baby hindi ko na kaya sonrang saya muli tayong magsasama! Lol bagay no?
Comment from : Ms. Mochi

Areli Miyu
Ponga subtítulos en español pliss me encanta esta pareja
Comment from : Areli Miyu

Martina Martins
Comment from : Martina Martins

ArmyBea kyalo
Where can i watch this with english subs
Comment from : ArmyBea kyalo

круче всех
Я здесь одна русская!? Скажите как называется фильм?
Comment from : круче всех

Jelly Jellano
Heto ba ung sa “That One Summer” na kay Ate Aly?


Comment from : Jelly Jellano

Citações Da Edna
Where can I watch with sub eng? Pleaseeeee
Comment from : Citações Da Edna

Margaret Eduonoo
hi Jadine Lovers, please I need a link to download Jadine series with subtitle in Ghana. Thanks
Comment from : Margaret Eduonoo

Sharmine Bracero
Who believe's in forever?????
like if you believe and comment if you don't believe

Comment from : Sharmine Bracero

Аббас Шарифов
"В этот раз" филиппинский фильм
Comment from : Аббас Шарифов

Editha Gordon
I miss you guy’s
Comment from : Editha Gordon

Casey xtina
Just finished watching Diary ng Panget, Talk back and you’re dead, On the wings of love and til I met you😍❤️ and believe it or not it only took me one week to finish all of it because I love it so much and I have to say my all time fav is OTWOL for sure but they’re all amazing. I love JaDine shows/movies 😩❤️😍 can’t wait to watch this one.
Comment from : Casey xtina

Siufofoga Tuu
Comment from : Siufofoga Tuu

Gael Makena
Comment from : Gael Makena

Malenka mii
Comment from : Malenka mii

sumiii sumii
full movie
Comment from : sumiii sumii

Uncle Ki
I can't download this movie. I need help.
Comment from : Uncle Ki

licha yami
m confused between Nadine and Kathryn🤐 they look lyk a twins😐
Comment from : licha yami

Lipsa Sahoo
which language is this??
Comment from : Lipsa Sahoo

call me IGOT7
Where can i watch this movie with eng subtitle..please someone help me 😫🙏🙏💓
Comment from : call me IGOT7

Were can i get English subtitles
Comment from : THOMAS MAGH

ihya rofiqi
Tayangin dong film film nya jadine
Comment from : ihya rofiqi

ihya rofiqi
Tayangin dong film film nya jadine
Comment from : ihya rofiqi

Leamaejean dujeno
pangit ng movie nato
Comment from : Leamaejean dujeno

Neha Ansari
Why he's soooooooooo handsome cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee smart dashing hottttttt sexxxxxo 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
M in love with u james

Comment from : Neha Ansari

cynthia perez
Why can't it be in english all of it though
Comment from : cynthia perez

Julie Catrina Paragas
Buti they met each other sobrang swerte ni james kay nadine.
Nadine is a type of woman na pinapakasalan

Comment from : Julie Catrina Paragas

Shofi Surya
Nadine's face is like kathryn a little bit, don't they?
Comment from : Shofi Surya

Caramel skyy
I want to watch this movies like seriously!!!! But i dont know tagalog... please help me 😭😭😢
Comment from : Caramel skyy

Бұзық Қыз
Что за фильм
Comment from : Бұзық Қыз

Athena Marie Penazo
Ava Buhay, who is ever loyal with her childhood best friend, Coby Martinez, hopes that one day their special friendship will turn into a beautiful romance. However, the time they get to see each other is only during summer vacation. When they finally saw each other again after years of enduring a long distance relationship, will they finally give their love a chance at forever?
Comment from : Athena Marie Penazo

Miza Syakirah
Kathniel or Jadine?
Comment from : Miza Syakirah

div ms
badly missing ph
Comment from : div ms

emmanuella donkor
please upload the english subtitles online. we are missing out a lot on the movie since we can't understand. please do something about it. thanks
Comment from : emmanuella donkor

Exo Lover
Are they the 2 actors from on the wings of love drama
Comment from : Exo Lover

Soledad Jamás
Hola alguna Argentina por aquí?
Comment from : Soledad Jamás

May Ann
I seriously need English Subtitle!!! T.T
Comment from : May Ann

julie taw
1:59 I died.
Comment from : julie taw

Mikaelah Perez
guys... 1:55 tho HAHAHA
Comment from : Mikaelah Perez

Rey Roble
Ang galaxy ng
Comment from : Rey Roble

Sian Byrne O’Gorman
I’m giving myself a personification that I ship this, and yes I am a box but not any other box >:)
Comment from : Sian Byrne O’Gorman

Edison Fitalis
pengen banget ditayangin dimnctv
Comment from : Edison Fitalis

My full movie na to nakaka kilig
Comment from : LIZKOOK lover

Арай Аманжолова
Где можно посмотреть этот сериал на русском ,найти не могу
Comment from : Арай Аманжолова

i want this full movie
Comment from : Maisarahy

Nguwar Thin
Where can i watch full movie
Comment from : Nguwar Thin

Comment from : nenitasmail

dear selene
Parang Rom-Com 😍😍😘
Comment from : dear selene

amberly zyin
Where can I get this full movie with eng sub?😢 Someone pls give me the link
Comment from : amberly zyin

Im a malaysian. I Think This Movie Is The best too. ItsGood. I swear
Comment from : NUR AINA SOFEA

Precious Eloisa Bibit
Tengene. Naalala ko ex ko sa kanta. Hay buhay!
Comment from : Precious Eloisa Bibit

Nini Seah
Can anyone tell me, how can i get to see this movie with eng sub? I'm very like to see jadine couple movie or drama. 😍😅
Comment from : Nini Seah

Jay Lander Love-one
Jadine the best👍👍
Comment from : Jay Lander Love-one

Ayen Amon
Grabe i lovelove jadine ilove you jadine
Comment from : Ayen Amon

Susan Odero
So amazing but the problem is that we can't get an English version of the movie?
Comment from : Susan Odero

A human Pig
Where can watch this full movie????
Comment from : A human Pig

Hideshima Ayame
Woooooop It's my home town Saga!<3 I love Philippino movie! I wanna watch this movie!!Where can i watch this in English sub??><
Comment from : Hideshima Ayame

Random HumanBeing Mak Bapak Kau
Where can i watch this movie?
Comment from : Random HumanBeing Mak Bapak Kau

Dawn Nicca
Sa lahat ng pinanood ko, dito ako nakatulog sa sinehan.
Comment from : Dawn Nicca

Lara Johnson
Pls can u make d full movie available with English subtitle
Comment from : Lara Johnson

drama name
Comment from : 동먼성

Any wattpaders? 👋😊
Comment from : kpopislife

Allison Tran
I have been waiting to see this movie for forever but I can't find where to watch with English subtitles as I'm not Pinoy nor speak Tagalog. Will someone help me? Thank you so much in advance
Comment from : Allison Tran

Жасмина Айдаралиева
Как называется фильм
Comment from : Жасмина Айдаралиева

Ella Lanante
# team real
Comment from : Ella Lanante

Жанна Янішин
як називається?
Comment from : Жанна Янішин

Hi im an international fan and have yet to watch dis movie bc ive been searching all over the internet for the one with english subtitles. So, if anyone care to help me find one with good quality + eng subs of dis movie pls plssss reply dis comment. Its been a year, im dying to watch
Comment from : Ivy

Cesar Rulloda
coby aka summer boy hahahha
Comment from : Cesar Rulloda

where can i watch this in eng sub:(
Comment from : Mia

chica guapa
porque no esta en sub español donde la puedo encontrar plissss
Comment from : chica guapa

leoniflor Suyat
I thought the movie was adapted from a wattpad story written by Alyloony? And has a title of ...Summer... smthing like that..
Comment from : leoniflor Suyat

b bogs
hindi ako haters ng jadine pero parang ewan yung movie
Comment from : b bogs

May Thu
i from Myanmar n i seriously wnt to watch this movie with eng sub! Where can i watch this movie with eng sub.
Comment from : May Thu

Lustreid Maris
2017 still watching
Comment from : Lustreid Maris

Maria Fort
Oh My Gosh si Lala sa Langit Lupa super Jadine fan ako
Comment from : Maria Fort

Angel Charlie
8 March 2017 ??
Comment from : Angel Charlie

Jimin Park love it
beautiful couple
Comment from : Jimin Park love it

ravi ardi
somebody can helping me to got this movie with English Sub, please. I'm very interest to watchin' this movie.. pleaseeeeee
Comment from : ravi ardi

Big Bang Bang Bang
I'm a JaDine fan and I don't really care if it's Viva Ent or Star Cinema.
Comment from : Big Bang Bang Bang

Aina Hazirah
Comment from : Aina Hazirah

Alice Sharp
Can someone help me. l really want to watch this with english subtitles. which website can i watch it on? :) xx
Comment from : Alice Sharp

Nur Munirah Husna
someone? i had been waiting this movie for a long time... but there is no sub.. anyone know where can i get the eng sub?
Comment from : Nur Munirah Husna

jessica olson
where can i watch the full movie with english subtitle?
Comment from : jessica olson

Prim Gale
sobra aq natawa at kinilig sa movie na toh..FAMILY GOALS po ang BUHAY FAMILY..
Comment from : Prim Gale

Barcelona A Love Untold still better ;-)
Comment from : prashantgrg

im a furious gamerYT
Too OA! #IYAMOnly
Comment from : im a furious gamerYT

Gekotune Yuka - British Virtual Youtuber
Zootopia/Zootroplis and this film are my favourites
Comment from : Gekotune Yuka - British Virtual Youtuber

Ana Caroline Castro
Movie with English subs, please? <3
Comment from : Ana Caroline Castro

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