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A fine frenzy blow away karaoke, co em day roi karaoke party, elvis karaoke store in augusta maine, tsinelas sa putikan karaoke version, karaoke arisa controvento youtube music video


Jumbo Hotdog
Comment from : Jumbo Hotdog

Joanna Revilleza
Aray ko po sakit. 🙁
Comment from : Joanna Revilleza

Chan T
I liked this song ever since I was in elementary school. I think I first heard this on mtv or myx. 😅
Comment from : Chan T

Hazel Hain
All time favorite ❤❤❤
Comment from : Hazel Hain

Earvin Reyes
2020 <3
Comment from : Earvin Reyes

Chosen 1
Comment from : Chosen 1

John Enrick Costales
baka naman po Youtube channel na po ako
Comment from : John Enrick Costales

Enairde Airef
Imissyou bey. Imissyou so much.
Comment from : Enairde Airef

sherzkie TV
December 2019, I really miss this song... I hope she miss me too..
Comment from : sherzkie TV

Trick Tricky
Comment from : Trick Tricky

Andrea Del Rosario
this time .....
Comment from : Andrea Del Rosario

Obiewan K
Eto yung background song ko dati nung hs habang umiiyak 😂😂 haha mos those days
Comment from : Obiewan K

Freestyle is one of the fave bands of 90s kids! Loveu top and jinky ❤️❤️
Comment from : mimirenomeron

Super Cindz
Hayz...sobrang ganda parin.💓
Comment from : Super Cindz

Lhennhel Perido
November 2019 whos still here? Idol ko talaga si top lalo na yung magpakailanman nya.
Comment from : Lhennhel Perido

Maria Asuncion Abigail Pacheco
Comment from : Maria Asuncion Abigail Pacheco

Karl Reyes
Comment from : Karl Reyes

I miss you.
Comment from : Nessie

Alejandro Sanin
Great music 🎼🎵🎶
Comment from : Alejandro Sanin

Marc Christopher Tercero
October 2019 everyone?!!!
Comment from : Marc Christopher Tercero

Krissa Bernalyn
I love you ❤️
Comment from : Krissa Bernalyn

Mark Titus Ramos
Missing old love songs
Comment from : Mark Titus Ramos

Princess Omela
I remembered that he sang this song just for me and he said this song is dedicated for me #superkiligtothe max 😍😍I love u love
Comment from : Princess Omela

Minato Namikaze
I love this song..
It reminds me of hmmm...

Comment from : Minato Namikaze

kulantro kups
Haist. Sept 13 2019. Imiss her
Comment from : kulantro kups

Yuki Sky
still listening 2019 #1990's baby😘😘
Comment from : Yuki Sky

Aida Batalo
September 5, KSA ❤
Comment from : Aida Batalo

Comment from : FARRRUSS

Blueberry Jelly
Doing a throwback train, from Side A, Juris and Chin, South Border to Freestyle. I freaking feel so old now but man... I love my teen years. ❤️
Comment from : Blueberry Jelly

Ronald Vero
Comment from : Ronald Vero

Red Albaño
Monic 😍
Comment from : Red Albaño

Kathleen Castro
Gustung gusto ko talaga ang freestyle... Yung mga songs nila Lalo n ito.
Comment from : Kathleen Castro

Fallen Reborn
Comment from : Fallen Reborn

mark castro
Comment from : mark castro

damuho since birth
Love you asawa ko
Comment from : damuho since birth

damuho since birth
July 16 2019 4:03pm tuesday
Comment from : damuho since birth

Mark Manzano
walang kupas.
Comment from : Mark Manzano

Michelle jornadal
Iloveyou babe ko😍😘
Comment from : Michelle jornadal

Sabina Samantha Lim
I super love this song 😍
Comment from : Sabina Samantha Lim

Elmer Jay Miego
June 28 2019 ,, 1:53 am kay sarap pakinggan lalano na yakap2x ko yung taong mahal ko ngyn


Comment from : Elmer Jay Miego

Patria Benavidez
June 24. 2:32 AM. One of the beat💚💚💚
Comment from : Patria Benavidez

Mechelou Neri
Haizt ito nmn......naalala ko yong past ko.....haizt....i cant move.on until now.....why o why??????😭😭😭😭😭😭
Comment from : Mechelou Neri

Ira Amazonah_me
Love ko pa din song na toh 2019 😊😍
Comment from : Ira Amazonah_me

Christian02 Delacruz
naalala ko ng high school yan ung kinakanta ko sa crush ko
Comment from : Christian02 Delacruz

love kayiee
Comment from : love kayiee

ai papi
makahuna huna pud tag past ani oi..ataya
Comment from : ai papi

Jaypee Dela Rosa
Sorry i wasnt enough.i know you deserve better.
Comment from : Jaypee Dela Rosa

michelle binghoy
Comment from : michelle binghoy

excel deo bañados
anyone from april 2019?
Comment from : excel deo bañados

watch d look out
Grabe talaga tong kanta naTAE ako..uhhhhm
Comment from : watch d look out

Sandie Adoptante
kantahin mu sna saken toh!!!
Comment from : Sandie Adoptante

Janetth Spears
appreciate means no one,my love doesn't nothing else for I'm not the one you've thinking for a no one,this time
Comment from : Janetth Spears

Roger B. Otilla
March 15, 2019 State of Kuwait😘
Comment from : Roger B. Otilla

Liz Baldovino
Comment from : Liz Baldovino

al thea
Comment from : al thea

Princess Laidan
Comment from : Princess Laidan

nicole Baraacal
2019? anyone?
Comment from : nicole Baraacal

Patrick Ganzagan
Freestyle d best...
Comment from : Patrick Ganzagan

Ariel Manaoat
one of the best OPM song for me!!!!!!!!
Comment from : Ariel Manaoat

Radge Mendoza
"I will never let you fall, I'm gonna give you my all this time.." hxt..sana all.. 😔💔
Comment from : Radge Mendoza

2019 anyone?
Comment from : Sha

Denise Ysabel Cabral
JOLLIBEE brought me here..
loving OPM so much..

Comment from : Denise Ysabel Cabral

Juan Carlo Quiazon Gregorio
This time just tell me you love I won't give up this I promise you let me be the one I'll be yours forever just ones say it tell the world you and I forever nothing gonna stop us now.
Comment from : Juan Carlo Quiazon Gregorio

miss fell
Dahil sa Jollibee commercial napadpad ako dito❤
Comment from : miss fell

Sir fletch
Jollibee brought me here... charot
Comment from : Sir fletch

Winnie Reyes
I love this song. Hawk ng mr ko hand ko ng last punta nmin ng cebu ito ang song sa plain. Oh dady i ms a lot. Alm ko matagl bago ko maka move sa pag kawala mp dyos lng may alm.
Comment from : Winnie Reyes

mark solomon
Comment from : mark solomon

Vinz Pantino
I just cried
Comment from : Vinz Pantino

XannRose Toben
I ♥ this song...👍😇🎶🎧

Comment from : XannRose Toben

isay pon
perfect for this moment of reminiscing na kinakantahan ko siya nito.
Comment from : isay pon

Mariclaire Gamido
This time babe we stick with eachother...and stay in love forever.i love you so much my lovely wife..😚😚😚
Comment from : Mariclaire Gamido

France Manrique
Jollibee Fight or Flight brought me here! I loved the story and the song!
Comment from : France Manrique

ariel jardeleza
Comment from : ariel jardeleza

Lanz Daniel Gonzales
Nakakamiss ang freestyle with Top and Jinky.
Comment from : Lanz Daniel Gonzales

Raymond Geronimo
Comment from : Raymond Geronimo

Diana Rose Aguilar
I don't expect na maririnig ko pa tong kanta na toh it will hurt me so much every time na maririnig ko to i still remebering you... 😔
Comment from : Diana Rose Aguilar

Comment from : RGEC

Random-access Memory
Jollibee brought me here.
Comment from : Random-access Memory

december ave
Small talk ba yan? 😁
Comment from : december ave

Jollibee- One true pair: Fight or Flight brought me here.,=p
Comment from : niffelhiem

Duwen Dodi
Came here from the new Jollibee ad
Comment from : Duwen Dodi

herbert maligaya
Jollibee brought me here😅😅😅
Comment from : herbert maligaya

Gemma Garrido
Sinong nandito dahil sa jollibee commercial na fight or flight? Haha 😂
Comment from : Gemma Garrido

oilegor noodnalaj
every time I heard this song its f*cking outstanding
Comment from : oilegor noodnalaj

Rowell Gandollas
Jollibee Commercial 2018 brought mee"!! Here😁😚😚😚😚😚
Comment from : Rowell Gandollas

Chelsea Trixie Jill Ybarley
Be good
Comment from : Chelsea Trixie Jill Ybarley

Kaye Taccad
Comment from : Kaye Taccad

Al Inocencio
Jollibee brought me here
Comment from : Al Inocencio

mariagracia Mares
Thanks to Jollibee 👍😀
Comment from : mariagracia Mares

Harris Graciano
Isa nanaman song na siguradong papatok Dahl sa jollibee commercial... nice one
Comment from : Harris Graciano

Cathlyn Nombreda
This will be my wedding song soon 😊
Comment from : Cathlyn Nombreda

juls Hondradi
dahil kay jollibee fave ko na 'tong song nato.😁
Comment from : juls Hondradi

Dee Somar
Jollibee commercial OTP brings me here. Sino nakarelate? 😂
Comment from : Dee Somar

Roland Claudio
Comment from : Roland Claudio

Raikz Fernan
Nostalgic! Thanks Jolibee for the Nostalgia 👌
Comment from : Raikz Fernan

Arlene May
Jollibee brought me here🥰
Comment from : Arlene May

Jeremy Memoracion
kaway kaway sa nakikinig parin nito hanggang ngayon.
Comment from : Jeremy Memoracion

Sniper 03 Iceman
Original plays the best for me
Comment from : Sniper 03 Iceman

Avelino Bala
Lubid for sale
Comment from : Avelino Bala

Jeff Diehl
Theses guys are really good. They will make it big.
Comment from : Jeff Diehl

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