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Jesus saves 💕
Comment from : I P

Chloe Byrne
Comment from : Chloe Byrne

I know this isn't what the song's about, but what I think about when I listen to this song is about how everything is about to change. I'm going to graduate in May and after that, we'll all be going off to college and down different paths. All these people that I've gotten to know since I moved here in 2009 will be moving on, and it'll be the Last Time that we'll be together. When I listen to this song, I picture my graduation ceremony/party, saying goodbye to the people that have impacted my school career up until this point, knowing that it could be the last time, and even if it isn't the literal last, it'll be the last time in this era of my life.

I bet no one will read this, but I felt like typing it out anyway. This song gave me the feels, man.

Comment from : crazyforcats19

Jonathan forbes
My feelings right now 😔
Comment from : Jonathan forbes

Hamid Mehmood
Comment from : Hamid Mehmood

Alex Burress
Nope I really am leaving moms getting way worse and it's moving faster dad already left to take some of our stuff down there I told you all that a little while ago I was just hoping for the smallest chance I may be talking to her again but now I don't even know what that would do
Comment from : Alex Burress

Alex Burress
We don't need to say that already knew you know that it doesn't hurt me like it use to I said what I had to earlier to run her off I know she's been with you the whole time I know because I've seen where people get active at when I'm close I know you were close are things scattered all through town keeps me confused no it dont and I'll repair relationship with her friends I'll be nasty and they'll believe but you got to learn how to be kind-hearted you're too manipulative and she sees it she told me a while ago and don't make fun of people she might laugh with you but that's not how she isyou can't do all the other things she does and have all the other respects to be that kind of person she really despises it so just don't I can help you but I do hate u she just needs to be happy
Comment from : Alex Burress

Althea Lorraine daclan
"You've practiced leaving many times before, but i guess you'll get it right today"

Me singing while handing my resignation letter to my manager (atlast!)

Comment from : Althea Lorraine daclan

Angela B
Very good
Comment from : Angela B

slede love
Comment from : slede love

Ferdinan Sianturi
this band always give me goose bumps...january 2020
Comment from : Ferdinan Sianturi

Man Who Can't Be Moved was still my #1 of theirs...but this is up thereeee. Kings of the heartfelt BOP!
Comment from : othrockzmysockz

Dwie kristi
Comment from : Dwie kristi

•Alice Satellite•
Hello! I’m from 2020!
And I see so many 2019 comments..
I would love to see 2020 people as well!
So it would be a pleasure for you to comment something!
But you don’t have to!
Thank you.

Comment from : •Alice Satellite•

Dike Nation
The Script is the best
Fromm Indonesian 🇮🇩🇮🇩

Comment from : Dike Nation

Coymnhoj Merabe
Comment from : Coymnhoj Merabe

Azhar Robbani
The script... Again... With underrated song.....
Comment from : Azhar Robbani

Scarlett and Maisie
Love the script
Comment from : Scarlett and Maisie

Mad how I’m seeing these live 😍 true role models man
Comment from : Kartina

Elena Abela
i loveyou😛
Comment from : Elena Abela

Casey Marshall
December 2019 anyone ? 😙✌🏻
Comment from : Casey Marshall

miao hill
The visual is PERFECT
Comment from : miao hill

I love the background for sure video
Comment from : Railgun14234

Christine Lusose
It's grown on me this one & it's as good as their best ever; "the man who can't be moved". But maybe the latter has the edge. Thanks once again to The Script.
Comment from : Christine Lusose

Quirovin Loterte
Christ! These guys have to stop breaking my heart!
Comment from : Quirovin Loterte

reynalyn paalisbo
I love The Script forever 😍😘💖🇵🇭
Comment from : reynalyn paalisbo

Nishant Pareek
i really dont get it, why this band doesn't get much recognisition🤔 they are superb ❤️
Comment from : Nishant Pareek

Suciu Adrian
No ,I'll never stop to listen your beautiful music
Comment from : Suciu Adrian


terry monroe
They did it to me again... super group
Comment from : terry monroe

K. c. lou.
Comment from : K. c. lou.

script princess hiddleston
The script are excellent musicians spreading their music to international fans , i love danny mark glen
seasons greetings & i hope 2020 will be ever more incredibly inspiring for everybody don’t sweat the small stuff

Comment from : script princess hiddleston

TheOne Arif
Fukin deja vuuu
Comment from : TheOne Arif

frisa cruise
I feel like this is about Danny and Anne. Or is it just my feeling?
Comment from : frisa cruise

Paul Ashcroft
hi danny I went to see you and shook your hand omg and my name is olivia your voice is beautiful when you wrote I nearly cried 😘😘❤❤💖💖💖💜💜💜💕💕💗💗💗 help
Comment from : Paul Ashcroft

Dark Venom
Loving this song so much and thingking about my break up 5 years ago that feels like yesterday.
Comment from : Dark Venom

Jullia Kang
The whole lyrics speaks to me. How can she do that. Until now I'm confused.
Comment from : Jullia Kang

anne Stacey
Said youll be forever but youll never ever be mine
Comment from : anne Stacey

Ariana Grande
2010: for the first time
2019: same time
2019: the last time

Comment from : Ariana Grande

No Fearness

These halo screams are amazing!

Comment from : No Fearness

Confession I'm a die hard metal playing carp catcher BUT I FUCKIN LOVE THIS SONG 🤘👍
Comment from : CARP FANATIC

Bestist song from 2019 FACT 😉👍
Comment from : CARP FANATIC

Can't get enough of this amazing song love The Script 👍
Comment from : CARP FANATIC

Cyn Thia
the script makes the perfect breakup songs eveeerrrr.
Comment from : Cyn Thia

Mieke Peters
Comment from : Mieke Peters

Gysheilla Adelia
I LOVE this so much, why so underrated? :'(
Comment from : Gysheilla Adelia

joão pedro tz
Alguém do Brasil que ama as músicas de The Script? ❤
Comment from : joão pedro tz

Cherice Molloy
Comment from : Cherice Molloy

Mayah Strohkirch
"How come it's the last time"
Comment from : Mayah Strohkirch

Ally Eventing
this is me + my bf's song :)) xx
Comment from : Ally Eventing

Jenny Rose Ocampo
Comment from : Jenny Rose Ocampo

unicorn girl rose
The last time my fav song
Comment from : unicorn girl rose

Faith Marie Miñoza
This is the last thing that's stuck in my head since last week
Comment from : Faith Marie Miñoza

MJ Squad
This made me cry by I left 3 bffs😥😪
Comment from : MJ Squad

Gen Mendez
My breakup song still choked me up everytime I listen to this😢
Comment from : Gen Mendez

Dany b
Comment from : Dany b

josh & joseph Cruickshank
I listen to this song because I have a girlfriend and we are on a break of seeing each other to see if we still love each other and I'm scared of letting go
Comment from : josh & joseph Cruickshank

Leo Sugiarto
Doctor : you will die in 10 minute
Me : is enough *open a song
Last Time
Underdog 3:41
Same Time 3:18
If you dont love yourself 2:46
Hurt people
Run throug ..

Can you wait until i'm done?

Comment from : Leo Sugiarto

Jean Mary Mc Mahon
Glad to see The Script doing so well. Mark Sheehan is my neighbour and his nephew and I grew up together! 😊
Comment from : Jean Mary Mc Mahon

Felicia somes
Good job on this a really like it
Comment from : Felicia somes

TXT&ATEEZ_lost_their_jams _
Comment from : TXT&ATEEZ_lost_their_jams _

Halle May
I never new a song could be such the same as a relationship but this links up to a few people :)
Comment from : Halle May

Straight 8
This is the song ill play when my girlfriend exists the door , but what to play if she came BACK
Comment from : Straight 8

Rowenshelo Michel
Damnn there lyrics goes straight to my SOUL!
Comment from : Rowenshelo Michel

The Woman Has No Name
The number of times I've heard this song is unhealthy.
Comment from : The Woman Has No Name

Angelee Salamo
Comment from : Angelee Salamo

Devesh Wadibhasme
I love the lyrics of all songs composed by "The Script" till date♥️
Comment from : Devesh Wadibhasme

Kayode Lawal
Who remembers Break-even??
Comment from : Kayode Lawal

Everest Production Nepal
Love The Script ❤️
Comment from : Everest Production Nepal

Róbert Èvi
Comment from : Róbert Èvi

Me Maybe
I stopped counting, I come back to replay at least three times a day.
Comment from : Me Maybe

Lalngaihawma Ralte
I like the rock version of them
Comment from : Lalngaihawma Ralte

Lala Nas
This is not going to be the last song 🇮🇪
Comment from : Lala Nas

KoOraLiVeHD TV - 3
لا أستطيع التوقف عن سماع هذه الأغنية
Comment from : KoOraLiVeHD TV - 3

Blake games and vlogs
Comment from : Blake games and vlogs

Gherson S. Altamirano
Comment from : Gherson S. Altamirano

nadine richards
Cant get enough of it !
Comment from : nadine richards

nadine richards
Love this song simple n beautiful go scripts forever song
Comment from : nadine richards

Ajeng Octaviany
Comment from : Ajeng Octaviany

Zac Mills
Part that hits me and gives them chills first chorus says hands tied then the beat changes up literally listened to this song so many times cos of the feeling I get
Comment from : Zac Mills

Abs Jordanz
It’s not the lyrics that make u sad. It’s who u think of when u hear them. All the memories
Comment from : Abs Jordanz

great song
Comment from : OldSchoolGaming

Shiva Valeska
I need the old of the script :(
Comment from : Shiva Valeska

Anne Castillo
This will be the last time you'll gonna hear me scold you for your faults, this will be the last time you'll hear my çountless pleads and tears. Your judgment to others just reflects yours and its sad that I expect you not to be like them but ended up none an inch different from them 😢
Comment from : Anne Castillo

i am NOT alive

So I just left primary school about 2 months ago and I miss my friends so much. Now when I listen to this song I think about this one person that meant a lot to me and I feel like crying. It's like that was the last time I ever saw him. However, a few days ago I was walking home and I saw him. Although it wasn't him. It was some other random guy. 😢Anyways I just wanted to say this and if any of u have experienced something like this plz leave a like😁 😁thx for reading!

Comment from : i am NOT alive

Leandrei Tonalete
Ka sad
Comment from : Leandrei Tonalete

absolutely beautiful ❤️ true artists
Comment from : verenicque

Sabrina Carpenter-Walker
I'm So Sorry Coldplay, But The Script Is My New Salvation Of Hope
Comment from : Sabrina Carpenter-Walker

Milette Millington
Sad, but the struggle to move on is in the words. Inspiring!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍💖💖💖❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💖💖💖💖💖❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Comment from : Milette Millington

Great song . Thank for lyrics...
Comment from : Englishbus77

For a sad song this is super upbeat and I have found it super conflicting. Anyone else?
Comment from : Rufus2322

Encik Purnama
please create more motivation song. 😀
Comment from : Encik Purnama

jabilo jose
Comment from : jabilo jose

Refki Naldi
Always sweet
Comment from : Refki Naldi

Lineta Rimkeviciute
Amazing song listening all day long but feeling lonely !! 😟😉
Comment from : Lineta Rimkeviciute

supri adi PENCIT
Comment from : supri adi PENCIT

Sabrina Carpenter-Walker
Congrats. For 2M Views
Comment from : Sabrina Carpenter-Walker

midori kami
Sounds like the story of my life by one direction
Comment from : midori kami

Mewz k mero
Love u all people in the world 🌍 Im happy to be living a life with you all even thought I don’t know you all but thanks for being apart of my life. I hope we all see one another on the next life good vibe.🙂
Comment from : Mewz k mero

Comment from : SAIYAM PATIL

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