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visual imagination
Comment from : visual imagination

Barry B Benson
Rose's are red
Ketchup is too
Someone liked my comment!
Wait why is it blue

Comment from : Barry B Benson

The Silver Slime
This song is really about how God was, is, and will always be right next to you. He’ll never leave you no matter how hard it is or how many times you reject him. We’re his children, and he’ll always love us.
Comment from : The Silver Slime

X Reborn
To the girl who will always have my heart even tho , you've been gone for awhile now. You never left my mind or heart . Hope your happy 👍
Comment from : X Reborn

My walking song. I love it so much. 😙😄😍
Comment from : Casie

Anna -Chan
I love your nightcores wolfie!! ❤️
Comment from : Anna -Chan

Alexandria's World!
You are supposed to capitalize the "Y" in you. We're talking about God here!
Comment from : Alexandria's World!

Katomi Yamashita
Kimi ni todokeeeeeeee ♡○♡
Comment from : Katomi Yamashita

InSanity Official
I love how this can be interpreted so many different ways. A message to god, a message to a friend, or even a love song. Heck, even a message to your family. To everyone out there in the comments, No matter what your going through, wherever you are, I’m wishing you the best
Comment from : InSanity Official

Caelum _Sky
This reminds me of my bff
I didnt give attention to him cause i was so darn in love with
Someone then when that someone dumped me he was the
One who made joyful now hes gone

Comment from : Caelum _Sky

Fun fact: this is a christian song :)
Comment from : Blair

Star Estrella
omg. this is a Britt Nicole song. It's a Christian song. And hearing it from nightcore is cool. 😊
Comment from : Star Estrella

My life is Anime
#Sinfie4life!! Who's with me people?? 😂😂lol me
Comment from : My life is Anime

My life is Anime
#sinfie4life!!! Who's with me, people? 😂😂lol me
Comment from : My life is Anime

Mix Klik
* LOVE *
Comment from : Mix Klik

Mariafatima Villamer
You were there always there, but where are you now
Comment from : Mariafatima Villamer

NightcoreAMV Girl
I liked a boy for years and I just found out he liked me too he just didn't know what to say 😊
Comment from : NightcoreAMV Girl

I feel like singing this to my best friend :) and my bf
Comment from : Mayakotheduckie

...My crush is my guy best friend..... and I thought he liked me especially with all his signals. But.... he has feelings for my girl best friend. And they just started dating. I don’t get it.... he knows nothing about her and neither does she. But apparently she had a crush on him for “4” years.. that’s a damn lie.. she hated him and plus she had a crush on a different guy and I know that because she told me. But she did not have a crush on my guy best friend for that long. And it sucks.. because she always brags about how he texts her wondering why she wasn’t at school.. and how much he appreciates her.... like tf he never asks me that and I’ve personally known him for 7 years..... but i just don’t know if he likes me or not... his signals are strong but he shows this towards her as well... and advice????

Nvm last night he finally said he liked me❤️ I feel so much better

Comment from : itz.broskif

Kai Lattimore
This is amazing I love it loads <3 <3 <3
Comment from : Kai Lattimore

Kimi ni Todoke ♥
Comment from : Ririサカテ

Bri Bananas
Ahh, I love this song ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
Comment from : Bri Bananas

super lixo
I love it💛💛💛💛💛
Comment from : super lixo

Nightcore Ze
Comment from : Nightcore Ze

Raven Bolt
I love this song
Comment from : Raven Bolt

Klutzy Kiara
Comment from : Klutzy Kiara

1.5X 好聽
Comment from : 絕對無感

Sol Studios
Can I just point out that this song is directed at God, it’s such an amazing piece.
Comment from : Sol Studios

Periwinkle Plant
This is a hillsong worship song. It's one of my favorite songs and I loved this nightcore version
Comment from : Periwinkle Plant

breaks down doors FBI PUT YOUR HAND UP
Comment from : NATO GAMING

G Fourteen

Comment from : G Fourteen

So beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment from : June

Nightmare Fox
aww so cute!! :D <3
Comment from : Nightmare Fox

Love the song.😍
Comment from : Shino

_Sarah J_
That's so cute ♥️
Comment from : _Sarah J_

Eclipse Gaming
Awww, this is adorable! X3 Great video Wolfie.
Comment from : Eclipse Gaming

I see a person who will always be with you all the time. So sweet couple 💘
Comment from : Shiro

Alicia-chan Kawaii
Comment from : Alicia-chan Kawaii

Rebbecah Israel
Love This song
Comment from : Rebbecah Israel

Cherry Bautista
Omg * cries * I wish perfect guys actually exist
Comment from : Cherry Bautista

ARMY _Yahel
Love it💜💛❤💙💚👍😀👍😀
Comment from : ARMY _Yahel

Tidy Sun
All this time, I’ve been waiting.

I’ve been waiting for you, all this time.

When you finally got here, you stole my heart and left.

Comment from : Tidy Sun

Fucking love that anime season 2 was kinda not my sheet
Comment from : Cookie

Lunnah Belle
Comment from : Lunnah Belle

mariam meskhi
I remember that moment when I found wolfie's nightcores...love ur nightcores wolfie😢😢😢
Comment from : mariam meskhi

LOVED IT!!! It was beautiful!😍😭💖💖 I've been in love with your nightcores all this time❤
Comment from : Bookie

Such a good song that I love so much now💜
Comment from : ღEndlessOrbsღ

Harum __
Sinon where you at?
Comment from : Harum __

All Animal Lover afraid of/sharks though
Love it
Comment from : All Animal Lover afraid of/sharks though

CEO of Bedtime
I like this song now o;
Comment from : CEO of Bedtime

Linda Thao
Nice sad song Nightcore love it so much keep it up ya
Comment from : Linda Thao

Okumura Kun
Wow 😍😍😍
Comment from : Okumura Kun

Nicole Trautwein
Comment from : Nicole Trautwein

Polak Gra
Comment from : Polak Gra

Saint Angel
Comment from : Saint Angel

Nightcore Perfection
I was doing my best to be strong awww the feels :c
Comment from : Nightcore Perfection

Rei Hanatashi
''All this time'' I'm waiting for a new nightcore!👌#nightcore_for_life
Comment from : Rei Hanatashi

I love it Wolfie <3
Comment from : Kirito

Zachary Timm
Lovely song
Comment from : Zachary Timm

ItsMIckys world
That was so buityfull it tutched by heart.
Comment from : ItsMIckys world

The masked sword master
Funny this is a gospel song but more than half of the people in the comments won’t notice
Comment from : The masked sword master

CuPCaKe Muffin
It's amazing. I love it!
Comment from : CuPCaKe Muffin

lino hanji98
Awe the photo is so cute and the song
Comment from : lino hanji98

Tariq Fire Steels
Nice! :)
Comment from : Tariq Fire Steels

Shadow Charizard
Love it😍😍 crying...
Comment from : Shadow Charizard

Cyra Nightcore
All This Time from the first listening this song

no no no!
I mean this is my first time to heard this song, and i really love it <3

Comment from : Cyra Nightcore

Richman 4066
”And all this time,” he said to her, “I’ve always loved you.”
Comment from : Richman 4066

Linda Yukino
Those are beautiful moment, lovely bonds 😋♥
Comment from : Linda Yukino

Mitsuki Fox
Kawaii 😶😶😶😶😶
Comment from : Mitsuki Fox

Kitty Paw
Aww this makes me feel! All this time of ignoring notifications from nightcorers I come here and what do you know they still have the same effect on me!
Comment from : Kitty Paw

Grim - Kun
All this time. I kept loving all your nightcores. Wolfie ❤
Comment from : Grim - Kun

Marsh Marti
My favorite song from right now! :3
Comment from : Marsh Marti

Voca Luka
All this time I was drawing Hatsune Miku until my phone went off. For a split second I thought it was my mom 😂😂
Comment from : Voca Luka

Dumke Nadine
:] I like this Song 🎶 🎶 😌 😀💚💖
Comment from : Dumke Nadine

leah nichole
OMG I need a lover 😭
Comment from : leah nichole

Grim - Kun
To my crush:
All this time I thought you liked me too but I'm shocked when you're holding hands with someone. 😢💔

Comment from : Grim - Kun

Katie Handschug
I love this song so much god bless everyone ❤️🙏🏼
Comment from : Katie Handschug

Anime Geek
Awesomeeeee!!! ❤💚❤💚❤💚❤💚
Comment from : Anime Geek

Marianna's Nightcore
Lovely song ❤
Comment from : Marianna's Nightcore

Kitty warrior
Amazing good job!
Comment from : Kitty warrior

Comment from : ethereal

ii Kosmo ii

To like my own comment

Comment from : ii Kosmo ii

All this time and I still love you and your nightcores
Comment from : K.Y.

Sherita German
Comment from : Sherita German

Gamingnerd19 Emonerd
All this time I thought I was happy..
Sadly not....
But I’m still alive..
Be happy

Comment from : Gamingnerd19 Emonerd

Comment from : Yumine

This is Amazing And Nice Work!
Comment from : Mαʝσɾ.HαρρყPαɳԃα2001

Deamon 05
Jej first !!! Omg
Comment from : Deamon 05

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