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Eden Askew
Anyone else feel like now glee’s gone so is part of your heart
This song hits me right in the heart because they have been so much and now they have finally got the happy ending they always deserved

Comment from : Eden Askew

Kelly Feige
Comment from : Kelly Feige

Kayleigh the Shameless Bitch
I'm crying...I definitely miss Glee
Comment from : Kayleigh the Shameless Bitch

cheyenne garza
January 1 2020❤️
Comment from : cheyenne garza

Sarah V
Still hitting hard in end of 2019
Comment from : Sarah V

aissatou diop
Comment from : aissatou diop

Jardin don sebastian
Comment from : Jardin don sebastian

Short fac3ed
Can’t believe glee is over. I know I’m late but i will always be a fan I love glee it’s the best and Blaine/Darren will always be my fav😭😭😭😭❤️
Comment from : Short fac3ed

Short fac3ed
Lea is very lucky to sing this song by Darren criss
Comment from : Short fac3ed

Short fac3ed
I love this song and Darren criss
Comment from : Short fac3ed

Yurio 2004
Im getting this song for my year 11 leavers next year
Comment from : Yurio 2004

Marc Rau
I just discovered you can turn this song into a duet if they wanted to. But this was the perfect song for Lea.
Comment from : Marc Rau

Madison Stricker Gleek for life
Finnaly we can hear one of Darrens songs love Lea Michele
Comment from : Madison Stricker Gleek for life

Aaliyah Haron

Comment from : Aaliyah Haron

Sk8er Gerly
it's just so hard to say goodbye to what i know 💔
Comment from : Sk8er Gerly

Matheus Maitan
why dont have this song in spotify?? :?
Comment from : Matheus Maitan

linnette McGinnis
When she said she is never going to stop believing in the words we sang does she mean don't stop believing
Comment from : linnette McGinnis

Jaylee Girdner
I can't even get to the aprt where she says "this time no ones gonna say goodbye" without crying so hard 😭
Comment from : Jaylee Girdner

Class of 2019 💙
Comment from : Maria HERNANDEZ

aissatou diop
she makes me cry
Comment from : aissatou diop

Comment from : ratsgaming

Tierra Nykole
I graduate high school in a month, and I have a spring concert for choir and we’re allowed a solo I’m singing this, my heart is so overwhelmed, high definitely wasn’t the best, but I’m glad to have made it. #classof2019
Comment from : Tierra Nykole

Kai Fanning
This song is so emotional and heart renewing. I am so happy that glee was made it changed my life and perspective so much thank you darren
Comment from : Kai Fanning

Kai Fanning
This song is saying goodbye to glee but also saying that everything that they do is because of glee and that they will never let it go that they will always have it with them
Comment from : Kai Fanning

I listend to this song and i remeberd my grandma 😞😢❤
Comment from : DASH

Maryanne Dymond Fiorentino
this is such a great song from glee originally written for glee and for Lea it just sucks that is so under rated
Comment from : Maryanne Dymond Fiorentino

Jayna Kendell
My final show choir season just came to an end & I can’t stop listening to this song and crying
Comment from : Jayna Kendell

Amanda McCrea
This song shows so much pride in love friendship and how you can miss everyone but Don't know how to say it so you sing it and it comes from the heart and takes currage in what you sing and most of us know it was a original by Darren Criss Rock on Glee club and Rachel sung this song with pride rip to Cory rip to Matt and how things can be hard to say just have the courage to get up and sing what you feel is the best and this song probably remind you of Cory and and how he had courage to do the things most of you can do it took course self respect and you need to work you ass off dont matter what the hell everyone else thinks focus on you the important thing is that you worked your ass off to perform that song if anyone has anything to say fight back with the power of gleeeeeeeeeee
Comment from : Amanda McCrea

April Flores
do I have a nice day best regards and. the s. Thank you for the use a. do not have a. Kind regards John and Yu yu yu yu I. some are not. Watching the game and the. Aesrtl Founy
Comment from : April Flores

I never stopped believing in the words we sung ♥️
Comment from : RebeccaAmeyOfficial

Bilge Gürdal
I feels of Glee. I miss.😭💕
Comment from : Bilge Gürdal

Kenia Quintero
this song is a little sad in the show because it talks about leaving the place that you were for a long time
Comment from : Kenia Quintero

Karen Teco
This year will be my last year in my school that i was sent kindergarten i am in 8th grade and next year i am going to high school i know its early but this song is on repeat😭❤
Comment from : Karen Teco

That moment you realize your graduating this year ;-;
Comment from : Lillth

sabrina brower
that song remmbers of my mom cause died from cancer she was at the funeal home in casket i sang this song at the funeal home i made video of for her at the church and the same with out my mom being alive to see me be a good helper for my dad and sister rachel
Comment from : sabrina brower

Erin Milligan
Please tell me I'm not the only one that cries when they hear this song but I haven't even graduated
Comment from : Erin Milligan

yTry Jayy
The pictures like her head doesn’t fit he body but great song. Some of the pictures
Comment from : yTry Jayy

Sibs restaurant
It really should've ended in season 3 it would've been so much of a better ending with the graduation
Comment from : Sibs restaurant

Danielle Busso
rechel is my cousin /in reail lift lee mchele is my sister
Comment from : Danielle Busso

Anna Lumsargis
New favorite song
Comment from : Anna Lumsargis

Tanika S
This song is absolutely incredible thanks to Lea and Darren. I love it <3
Comment from : Tanika S

Darren Criss fan D.C
If you listen to to the words and the reason why he wrote it you would start crying 😭 Darren Criss 😍❤️
Comment from : Darren Criss fan D.C

Darren Criss fan D.C
Darren Criss wrote this song he is so amazing
Comment from : Darren Criss fan D.C

Daphne De Leon
I am still listening to this time#2k18
Comment from : Daphne De Leon

Sofía Guasque Contró
I am graduating and this song is SO reLaTable. Makes me cry.
Comment from : Sofía Guasque Contró

Agustin Tarditti TD
I love this song
Comment from : Agustin Tarditti TD

Goldlynn Goldlynn
I just graduated highschool❤😪this song hit me hard moving on and it was hard to day goodbye but i can't wait to see what life holds for me❤💙
Comment from : Goldlynn Goldlynn

Victoria Troianas
My most favorite song, listening in 2018
Comment from : Victoria Troianas

Catherine Golder
I love this song
Comment from : Catherine Golder

Wanderer_Anna XXX
Amazing song so emotional and relatable ... i am definitly singing it at my graduation
Comment from : Wanderer_Anna XXX

Ann e
Who else cried???
Comment from : Ann e

Thais Cardozo
I'm so glad that Darren wroted this song!! It's beaultiful!!!
Comment from : Thais Cardozo

Sam Willis
This song means so much to me cause Rachel resonates so much in me. I graduated from high school at 16 in July 2017 and I was part of the glee club and a drama geek and a dancer and in pretty much every club. It also reminds me of how much I would have loved my best friend to see me graduate but she was killed at 15. And it just reminds me of the time I had with her when I was in high school and how I have to go through the rest of my life without her 😢😢
Comment from : Sam Willis

Madison Stricker Gleek for life
I cant beleive that Darren wrote a song for Glee love Darren and Lea
Comment from : Madison Stricker Gleek for life

Karen Johnson
Darren wrote this and Lea made it magical!
Comment from : Karen Johnson

Brittany McGregor
Thank you so much for your song Darren I love you so much
Comment from : Brittany McGregor

Leonarda Parac
I'm just about end 8th grade and this hits me so hard😳😳
Comment from : Leonarda Parac

Sibs restaurant
rachel from the beginning was like a 5 but throughout the series 10
Comment from : Sibs restaurant

One World Studios
I wanna sing this at my senior talent show
Comment from : One World Studios

Billiejo Clarke
Every time I hear the line "your voice will carry me home", I imagine Lea thinks of Cory, which is what gives her that emotion, and then my heart breaks all over again.
Comment from : Billiejo Clarke

Reb'l Fleur
I never hear this version this is awesome
Comment from : Reb'l Fleur

Savannah Price
Still love Glee #2k17
Comment from : Savannah Price

i cried so much at this song
Comment from : lua

Carmen Cecilia AB
This was such a emotional song
Comment from : Carmen Cecilia AB

María José Tinajero Montellano
Love this Song 😍😍😍
Comment from : María José Tinajero Montellano

Kloé Glambert
Thanks Darren for having wrote this very beautiful song and thanks Lea for this interpretation who came from the bottom of your heart.(sorry my english is bad I'm french)😁😊
Comment from : Kloé Glambert

Paige R
Who is still listening to this and cries????
Comment from : Paige R

Taurie March
As Lea did one of Darren's I wish He did one of Lea's
Comment from : Taurie March

I've always been extremely hard on Lea's voice. I've never really liked it. I thought that she was always trying too hard, and that she sounded like an actual dying donkey.
But this last performance she put on was amazing. I can't say anything else. This song finally made me respect her and her voice a lot more than I originally did. No one else could perform this better.
Good fucking job, Lea.

Comment from : aiyah!

It's been two years since it ended....wow. #2YearsWithoutGlee
Comment from : lexi

Clara watling
This song still makes me emotional. My heart breaks for her, the way she lost Cory was so unfair❤
Comment from : Clara watling

Munira Qandah
I Love this song I'm so happy Darren wrote it for Rachel/Lea because it's basically summerizing her life in one song.
I get so emotional whenever I listen to it. 😭

Comment from : Munira Qandah

vampiress jones
it was sad the cory died she was going to marry him.
Comment from : vampiress jones

Jocelyn Torres
This song made me cry when she was singing it
Comment from : Jocelyn Torres

veronica rosario
This is my promotion song
Comment from : veronica rosario

Cynthia Clark
This is my graduation song.
Comment from : Cynthia Clark

Comment from : evon

Stephanie Prather
singing this for senior goodbyes in muscial theatre :-(
Comment from : Stephanie Prather

Emma Hofstedt
Can't believe the show is gone..
Comment from : Emma Hofstedt

Emma Hofstedt
Everytime I hear this song, it makes me think about Cory😭
Comment from : Emma Hofstedt

Talia Thorpe
This show has taught be so much and it is defiently the only thing that makes me happy. I love this song so much.
Comment from : Talia Thorpe

Breanna Hawari
I love this song ever I am huge fan glee club I never steal it just know words glee club that my dream come true someday I be star and my love is Chris colfer someday I will
Comment from : Breanna Hawari

Rageing GirlGamer
does anyone know where i can get the sheet music for this song, in this key?
Comment from : Rageing GirlGamer

Dizzi_ KIdd
i have always been a rachel berry but she is a huge part of me and i will sing this song to close out my year as a class of twenty sixteen senior and as a musical theatre geek lea if u see this thanks for giving me all the confidence i need to step on to stage and show my inner frankie bryce (if fanny was a boy) and i wont let no bodyrain on my parade!!
Comment from : Dizzi_ KIdd

abbie spn
litteraly thought rhe beginning sounded like fight song😂, aside from that.. I applaud Darren Chris on making this song and Lea for executing it so perfectly!
Comment from : abbie spn

Haneen Rifai
She has such a beautiful voice !
Comment from : Haneen Rifai

got to say as much as I hated racahel as a character on the show I will say she does have a really great voice and this song is awesome
Comment from : Kunimitsu877

Nikki Tedesco
Comment from : Nikki Tedesco

Kristin F
Ropes in the states in the universe of the histiory of Santana Lopez
Comment from : Kristin F

Madi Marie
Should I do a routine to this song? Debating
Comment from : Madi Marie

Kaylin Walker-Nix
The feels of glee!!!! :') This will be the song I will sing when I graduate high school (even though im just starting i've already decided)
Comment from : Kaylin Walker-Nix

When i first heard this song i fell in love with it instantly.Lea's amazing performance really helped.I didn't know it was an original song by the one and only Darren Criss.My sister told me.This song talks about Glee and what a once in a lifetime experience  it was for everyone.Thank you Darren.
Comment from : IOANNA333

Reyna Zamora
I love this song
Comment from : Reyna Zamora

Reyna Zamora
I'm miss glee already!😫😫😭😭
Comment from : Reyna Zamora

Leigh Beth Rawlings
Comment from : Leigh Beth Rawlings

Comment from : prettyxxperfectt

Priya Marie
this song makes me cry because its the last song I heard at my favorite school this year im going to a new school so everytime I listen to this song I cry:(
Comment from : Priya Marie

Taurie March
Love this song. Lea did an Amazing job on singing it and Darren did an Amazing job Writing it
Comment from : Taurie March

kate fair
@Jcaje AJ
Comment from : kate fair

Vickie Escarpita
I graduate High School in 10 hours and I have this song going on repeat while tears are streaming down my face, highschool wasn't the best years of my life but those that made it worthwhile will forever be in my heart ❤️ #classof2015
Comment from : Vickie Escarpita

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