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Drew Styles
I want her to recover and say all of this to me....
Comment from : Drew Styles

your favourite boy SAMMYSAX
Thus is my best John legend' song.
2020 anyone

Comment from : your favourite boy SAMMYSAX

angela johnson
This time...❤️❤️.......
Comment from : angela johnson

Jessica Harper
Love it
Comment from : Jessica Harper

Vanessa McGhee
Well you know where i am because this all i ever wanted so this time I'm here you are here.🐵💛✌
Comment from : Vanessa McGhee

Jeanita Crooks
I LOVE it.. I hope it's really true.
Comment from : Jeanita Crooks

Daniela Stroescu

Comment from : Daniela Stroescu

Paula Mayfield Make-up artist and special fx
Aww good 😊
Comment from : Paula Mayfield Make-up artist and special fx

Nikki Lynn
Derwin and Melanie Davis 🥰🥰👩‍⚕️🏈💍
Comment from : Nikki Lynn

Aah'Niya T.
Comment from : Aah'Niya T.

First it's this time now it's all of me, jhon make up ur mind.😂😂
Comment from : janderson947

Eva Solina
This time i want it all .. thanks John Legend
Comment from : Eva Solina

Csete Linda
How about in 2020?
Comment from : Csete Linda

Sharisa Schrewhardt
Andre I want to be with you forever .
Comment from : Sharisa Schrewhardt

Mad Kandy
I was looking for this song so hard now i found it again
Comment from : Mad Kandy

Lionel Thomas
The Game brought me here.. It's my first time every hearing this song, but what a beautiful song it is 😍
Comment from : Lionel Thomas

Chermaine Williams
Still here
Comment from : Chermaine Williams

Trianna Lawson
Just found my wedding song☺️
Comment from : Trianna Lawson

Racquel T
My favorite!!! #LoveThis #SoPowerful #LoveHard
Comment from : Racquel T

I'm supporting a dear friend and mother of two through her husband's infidelity. This song breaks my heart because LAST TIME she gave him EVERYTHING, and now, at the thought of losing his wife and family , he wants to change and be better??

Why, why, why didn't he just be who he promised he would be for ever???

My heart is broken for their family💔

Comment from : TheKefmoth

inspireme72 Giannantonio
Ugh this song.... These words would be the perfect words to mend my broken heart. But I know I'll never hear them :(
Comment from : inspireme72 Giannantonio

Vicki Dudsak
Imagine having someone want you that much❤️
Comment from : Vicki Dudsak

Rozinah Mwakideu
After 20 years apart with the love of my life...we got back together and when he proposed in the presence of my family.i said yes..my brother played this song. All cards on the table. This Time. Second chances do exit. True love does exist. #MunguKwanza
Comment from : Rozinah Mwakideu

Felipe Herrera
This is exactly how I feel.
Comment from : Felipe Herrera

Marcus J
the time is now
Comment from : Marcus J

New Daddy
Comment from : New Daddy

Antonio Mcbride
Could y'all plz pray for for Brian Bishop ND Brianna Relationship 🙏🙏😇💔
Comment from : Antonio Mcbride

Monique D
beautiful. john legend is the epitemy of romance
Comment from : Monique D

Natz Alpha
Still listening in 2019???
Comment from : Natz Alpha

Kelsey Woodard
My song always😍
Comment from : Kelsey Woodard

Emmanuella Ishola
About last night de movie x wat brought me here I'm in love wif dis song I jxt cant seem to stop crying awww John legend I love
Comment from : Emmanuella Ishola

life is so unfair
Comment from : KELLY BENDRY

donna hookem
It's not man i want never have pmsl" its the women I'll never have !!
Comment from : donna hookem

Makito Anderson
3:40 damn! hits me so hard.
Comment from : Makito Anderson

Athena Floyd
This song is the Truth! And a great wedding song also.. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Comment from : Athena Floyd

Aah'Niya T.
“This song never gets old”
Comment from : Aah'Niya T.

margrette Lady Gucci
John legend can put your emotions easy,,,he has been the guy that inspired my hear and I had a strong believe in him...I've been hurt very bad but here I am....I heard this song at "The Game and a movie called Rain....I hope and believe to all those who makes up...congratulations.... All the best to u john and you're beautiful wife. Chrissy...
Comment from : margrette Lady Gucci

Tezzy BHAd
I just had a baby and I don’t feel wanted love nor attracted anymore
Comment from : Tezzy BHAd

Kyle Hearnsberger
There's a song on a commercial that I THINK is from Mr. Legend (although I could be wrong) that I keep hearing that sounds kind of cool, but it's only a snippet of a song.
Comment from : Kyle Hearnsberger

Nathalie BIELEU
beautiful even if it's sad.
Comment from : Nathalie BIELEU

Resha K.
Every time I hear this song, i think of Melanie and Derwin from the game...😩❤️
Comment from : Resha K.

MaikelRomeo Duiker
for my son Rodney Rest in peace,...
Comment from : MaikelRomeo Duiker

Erica C
Comment from : Erica C

Donna Beattie
Comment from : Donna Beattie

Joseph Melton
I had just listened to Singer Miguel song Rain & find that this song can match up with Starz Power. Like the first episode of Power of Season 6 hearing Miguel hit, I heard this song from BET The Game. Both of them are great songs from real good shows.
Comment from : Joseph Melton

Young Atris
This song hit different after a break up
Comment from : Young Atris

brittany Burton
It hit me really hard on the game watching it tonight me and my husband split and got back together and this song is how I feel now I love him so much and couldn’t imagine my life without him
Comment from : brittany Burton

deasia louis
Mel& Derwin 🤧
Comment from : deasia louis

Irons 11
Britain’s got talent champion of champions brought me here
Comment from : Irons 11

Jordan Linton
I don’t even have a gfirlfriend/ boyfriend
Comment from : Jordan Linton

Mandisa Sims
😭😭🔥🔥😍this song still makes me emotional ❤
Comment from : Mandisa Sims

Athenkosi Zono
was watching "About Last Night" and i liked the song

after a decade hit the like if with me😍😍😍😍

Comment from : Athenkosi Zono

Joshua Thomas
Comment from : Joshua Thomas

Grischen Key Point
Ich hab zwar nicht genau so gehandelt aber konnte sie nicht ganz an mich ranlassen.
Nun lebe ich jeden tag in einer Blase voller Sehnsüchte?
Ich möchte so gerne zu 100% lieben aber ich glaube dass das einfach zu viel Erwartung ist!
Die Hoffnung auf die vollkommene und gelebte Liebe werde ich aber wohl nie verlieren!

I miss you sooo unbelievable much.... dam...

Comment from : Grischen Key Point

chanell lynch
This still reminds me of the Movie About Last Night! 🥰
Comment from : chanell lynch

This song has me in 😭 thinking about ex
Comment from : Qwee

Vagner Lopes
Musica top ...uma das melhores q já ouvi ...
Comment from : Vagner Lopes

NinaB0307 T
John legend can always make u cry
Comment from : NinaB0307 T

There's no small "I" in "I am" ... shame on you
Comment from : danz

About last night...
Comment from : Raine

Chevonese Candi
Comment from : Chevonese Candi

Chevonese Candi
the game brought me here this is officially my favorite song
Comment from : Chevonese Candi

Mia: Mia
2019 still watching
Comment from : Mia: Mia

Parang Hitam
Just hear this song in 2019,n im fall in love with this song
Comment from : Parang Hitam

Kayla Simone
Beautiful song John!! Still touches me whenever I hear it!! 😥🥰
Comment from : Kayla Simone

Faith McGill
Memories 😭
Comment from : Faith McGill

Beautiful John legend
Comment from : KYM HAWKINS

Boutwell Luke
I did this because I want everyone to know not how sad u get but u always will want someone for all of them
Comment from : Boutwell Luke

Romain Mc Neil
Who else is her because of the game? Oh man that l episode hit me righting the feels.
Comment from : Romain Mc Neil

Rashida Hankins
And this time I'M GOOD
Comment from : Rashida Hankins

This song makes me cry 😩
Comment from : IAMAMBERLA'SHAY

Kayla Rattigan
This song is from the game when Melanie and Derwin we’re getting married
Comment from : Kayla Rattigan

Jessica Payne
Still listening to this is 2019. One of the most vulnerable songs I have ever heard. Everyone wants a second chance. I wish everyday I was able to get that chance.
Comment from : Jessica Payne

Azia Anderson
Comment from : Azia Anderson

Rudolph Austin
I can't hold back the tears dis song hit me so hard 😭😭💔
Comment from : Rudolph Austin

About last night 😩
Comment from : timi340

gibusiwa shedra
I need you don't say no
Comment from : gibusiwa shedra

Erick Juarez
Comment from : Erick Juarez

David Perez
Here cuz of THE Jacka....RIP Bay Area legend
Comment from : David Perez

Phaithphuly Woods
I was loved this guy and messed with his heart because i knew he was to good for me but everytime i tried to break up with he wouldn't give up on me. But now im dating a new guy sometimes i look back at what i had but me and him are good friends
Comment from : Phaithphuly Woods

Duke Killem
I can be all you need , this time it’s all of me.. I could have given you the world.. instead you chose the world... I didn’t lose you ... you lost me ... my heart , my mind , my soul.. I really could have been all you need..
Comment from : Duke Killem

keston Fig
2019 and this song still has the same effect wow
Comment from : keston Fig

ryan isheanesu kuwanda
i loved the song
Comment from : ryan isheanesu kuwanda

David Bul
Damn.....i lost a good girl ....am in tiers ....have to get her back
Comment from : David Bul

Khlover Jai
Nope. Request and access denied. I had to let it go, yall. He didnt mean well and really it only took once and I was done...Feel kinda sorry for these "This Time" folk out here; Id hate to be on that side..but I so loooooove this song tho😍❤ lol
Comment from : Khlover Jai

Martin Shukar
Comment from : Martin Shukar

Kodak Yella
Am I the ONLY ONE who thinks of Derwin & Med school ?😩😍 song brings so many feelings I didn't know existed 🙃😂😂😂🙄
Comment from : Kodak Yella

Ila Patel
I love this song so much , it is very beautiful to me
Comment from : Ila Patel

Kimyona Renee
"This time"
Comment from : Kimyona Renee

brian kioko
Please come back😢 even though i haven't met you😢😢😢
Comment from : brian kioko

Tiffany Reed
Man 2019 anyone!!??? When a man knows he has really messed up
Comment from : Tiffany Reed

mayel marks
This song i send to my love of my life i also did the most stupid thing in my life to let her go for my own stupid will i am the biggest idiot on planet i am sorry baby love you with all my hearth
Comment from : mayel marks

KOFFEE In The Mornings
Wow....2019...Sitting here watching an old episode of the Game...One of the best episodes....This song is playing in the background....Having no idea who it is...Read the comments, found out...Hit the search box...Now playing the song with tears and more...This song makes u cry when you can relate...😏
Comment from : KOFFEE In The Mornings

jen jen
Comment from : jen jen

Hopefully, this time..will be it...😘
Comment from : TheDiamondrose64

Wenzy White
The game brought me here
Comment from : Wenzy White

Nastja ich lieb dich so sehr, Gruß Robin
Comment from : TOOOOOTIGHT

Holy Moses
Truly thinks this is his best song. So much emotion and he wrote it.
Comment from : Holy Moses

Christopher Wright
Heard this on "the game" and really wasn't a John Legend fan up til then. This song is amazing.
Comment from : Christopher Wright

Laniyah Barnes
Favorite beautiful song and it’s me and my boyfriend’s favorite song
Comment from : Laniyah Barnes

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