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samantha thurman
Comment from : samantha thurman

This shit's fire why am I only hearing this now
Comment from : TDEUS BIG

derek jester
Wow. Beast. Real. Respect. Thanks!
Comment from : derek jester

Zack Herffan
Literally describes my situation
Comment from : Zack Herffan

Srikandi Warion
Reborn is part of the life, only in solitude ones can find the wisdom to knowing who you are. There is a mastery to find the mystery of your own. Once you know who you are, you can only attracted to a reflection of you....that's why there's a word "twinflame". You will always feel lost without both being united....and you will always feel something missing from your life, due to unfulfilled desire.
Comment from : Srikandi Warion

Srikandi Warion
Wow, it is so powerful song!
Comment from : Srikandi Warion

Angel Somers
Omg I love him ❤️❤️❤️
Comment from : Angel Somers

Akaimi Akaimi
Satan said that too.. music was all of him and thats part of what he expresses..and it over took him showed him his ugliness.. and people know this and yet they too pursue it.. theres only one true music and song lyric for us to truly sing..worship and praise is to our King Jesus..
Comment from : Akaimi Akaimi

Michael Smith Jr
Where the music video to this song.
Comment from : Michael Smith Jr

Michael Smith Jr
I can't stop replying this song.
Comment from : Michael Smith Jr

he sound like rap monster
Comment from : Linxerarina

Jessica Whisenhunt
I think I broke the replay button
Comment from : Jessica Whisenhunt

James Gaskill
Comment from : James Gaskill

batwoman 1437
"I look at myself, only one thing I can tell
If I could be anybody, it'd be nobody else
24/7 I'm lookin' for heaven, I wonder, am I doin' enough?
You give us this freedom to we do what we want—and this sin is just put in our cups
So tell me what I'm supposed to do, show me what I'm supposed to see
'Cause seems like everybody knows who I am and the kind of person I'm supposed to be
Finding myself in a world that is lost, my back has been living on walls
Gripping this mic like it's all that is left, without music I'm nothing at all" these hit me hard...ivan b understands me way more then my own family does...which is sad

Comment from : batwoman 1437

Yolanda. Peaches ADAMS
I'll allways be frend thats one 100. Thank you for lieing. I do get u I'll make it eazer. Dont worrie gods got me
Comment from : Yolanda. Peaches ADAMS

Pricilla Magana
my favorite is NF and Ivan b
Comment from : Pricilla Magana

Christene Cranford
This song is so deep wow
Comment from : Christene Cranford

Tevin Bennett
I feel this way sometimes
Comment from : Tevin Bennett

Nuno Deodato
My life is like poker... "I got be all in."
Comment from : Nuno Deodato

Haych Khan
Feeling it❤️❤️❤️
Comment from : Haych Khan

beanzy 18
This nigga have me catching these feels bruh 💯🙏😢
Comment from : beanzy 18

i love this song, but he stole some lyrics from Witt Lowry so i lost a lot of respect for him because of that
Comment from : sevenpoptarts

Arcane E.
Keith Fontano's voice. My heart aches when I hear it..
Comment from : Arcane E.

Vipul Rajput
Ivan and sik world are my hero
Comment from : Vipul Rajput

Ivan B
Witt Lowry
Sik World

Will always be my favorite from this channel <33

Comment from : dysphoria

Comment from : Argenis

Cj Pearce
love Ivan b
Comment from : Cj Pearce

Ee Wiz
Great,music best music form your channel.
Comment from : Ee Wiz

Love it! Thanks again
Comment from : LOST

Ivan 💓💓💓
Comment from : MUSIC DEALER

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