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Stefan Winters
the start is missing its the most intressting part,....
Comment from : Stefan Winters

Kaylee Owens
Rock on
Comment from : Kaylee Owens

Gary Beck
I love and pray you realize how this all is going to work. You should truly behave or LMAO!!!!!!! :} Who know,s :|
Comment from : Gary Beck

Jacob Holstead
92 people drowned trying to keep score with the other thousands...
Comment from : Jacob Holstead

jayden ewing
Sasuke Uchiha much?
Comment from : jayden ewing

Gary Beck
I pray this day Roxanne, you know you have a friend who loves you"." AMEN:}
Comment from : Gary Beck

Brianna Bucy
I wanna go see nothing more but they aren’t coming Hershey Pennsylvania 😢
Comment from : Brianna Bucy

jayden ewing
This is the time to fuck your friends girlfriend after he takes ya ores in minecraft. (good song btw.)
Comment from : jayden ewing

Trevor Gibson
wow what
Comment from : Trevor Gibson

Bass intro reminded me of Korn for a bit.
Comment from : tafan321

Deep Solar
Why wasn't there the intro? Is that a different song on the album? (Kinda like (sic) on Slipknot's self-titled)
Comment from : Deep Solar

Kylee Burke
I heard Jenny first, my sister showed me.
I heard this song along time ago, but never asked for the title.
I'll Be Okay I found after listening to Jenny.
Last night was the first time I asked what this song was.

Comment from : Kylee Burke

Isabella Dañe
Saw these guys in concert. They were awesome!
Comment from : Isabella Dañe

Michael Switzer
Great thoughtful written lyrics
Comment from : Michael Switzer

Stephen Thompson
Got introduced to this the right way last month, when they were playing it on stage.... very cool to put it lightly
Comment from : Stephen Thompson

John john
we always start with good intentions, but lose ourselves along the way
Comment from : John john

and my friends call this killing noise?. Welp I'm an emo and love this!
Comment from : RaelynnPlayz

These guys know!
Comment from : Janzen

Brett Lacher
Lyrics aren't sync'd well to the song but they work okay I guess. Great song.
Comment from : Brett Lacher

Healing Heather
We need to wake up snd live the life that we deserve!
Comment from : Healing Heather

Mason Tatum
finally a proper recording of this song on youtube.
Comment from : Mason Tatum

Ffion Elliott
Got the song rom Syd Wolfslayer.
I'm an emo, an this is one of my favourites <3
If anyone wants my ig: wounded_corpse

Comment from : Ffion Elliott

Pedro Salcido B
can't get enough of this song.
Comment from : Pedro Salcido B

Jordan E
Nice riffage!!!
Comment from : Jordan E

He sounds like a male version of Lacey Sturm. Sounds good though.
Comment from : LordBeeSama888

Trevor Chivers
Does anyone else hear the hidden message about racism and how we need to open our eyes because we are all humans singing songs that come from within.
Comment from : Trevor Chivers

Tanner Lutz
I'm going to use this when I ride and race cars and four wheelers
Comment from : Tanner Lutz

I normally don't fall in love with bands easily. I gotta listen to them for a while. But this band? Oh hell. New favorite band in the first 30 minutes haha.
Comment from : Ashennx

Love this song man. I can listen to this song for days I have listened to it like three times XD
Comment from : Congolopo

the ender army
heard a better verson
Comment from : the ender army

Dane Gietka
Never heard of this band, they are going to be with Disturbed and Chevelle on oct 7th at a concert im going to, thus i looked them up, i am pleasantly surprised
Comment from : Dane Gietka

this sounds like it could be used in wwe
Comment from : dodo

kimberly huffman
Has a great message, lyrics so well put. I like it the way it is, however a slower not so hard maybe acoustic version would get a bigger audience for the song. And I know my Utube is 100% rigged...most of time...
Comment from : kimberly huffman

Who else hears at around 2:40 - 2:50 they here shake tha- shake tha- shake-tha from everyday im shuffling
Comment from : Synkth

Love this song <3
Comment from : Lunathegoddess

Heard this on the radio last night, I loved it so much that I had to find it today. Just as awesome, if not more, then last night.
Comment from : MyKindOfCrazy

You can't see because you don't know.
Comment from : MyKindOfCrazy

M O N I C A. P.
omg this is my favorite song I lissin to it 20 tomes a day in the classroom and outside with my friends in my house I'm in Buffalo wild wings right now and lissin to it still not even kidding love it sooooooooo much
Comment from : M O N I C A. P.

Comment from : DemonMist

Cade Gauthier
this song and lyrics are amazing ^
Comment from : Cade Gauthier

im making a video of fnaf to this song
Comment from : Guera

Jonathan Yosef
This song is EPIC...gets to me every time I hear it. I can completely relate to this in so many ways with family tension!! Love the original clip!
Comment from : Jonathan Yosef

Izzy Dizzy
I love this song
Comment from : Izzy Dizzy

Muhammad Harviando
an underrated song
Comment from : Muhammad Harviando

Played this song on my ride home from work. I cranked the volume up in my truck since the first couple seconds are quiet and at 0:09 all hell broke loose! I think I started a mosh pit in my truck......I was the only one in it....
Comment from : Pranks313

Edward Gawrys jr
my childhood but im ok now. Intense song!!!!!
Comment from : Edward Gawrys jr

amber-jo rijkers
I love this song so much! its incredible!
Comment from : amber-jo rijkers

momo penguin
Have some respect; stop cussing in the comments! This is obviously a Christian message.
Comment from : momo penguin

alois trancy
this is the time that we're letting go
Comment from : alois trancy

Mark Isar
Who else gets the underlying messages? Stuck inside, Half alive, Close your mind, Identify, Do you Feel do you feel, do you call this a life? This is the time that we let it go. Walking blind, Naked we come, naked we leave. We are fee, We are the jail, we are the key. Sound to me like the path to spiritual enlightenment towards freedom of ourselfs, our mind. If we dont we are walking blind.
Comment from : Mark Isar

Rapidz N1NJA
I love this song this song is now one of my top favorites;)
Comment from : Rapidz N1NJA

Austin Ray
Found a new band worth listening to.
Comment from : Austin Ray

Mia Pet
this guy has amazing range
Comment from : Mia Pet

Marc Oberle
Anybody else having gosebumps when the "this is the time" part begins? simply amazing.
Comment from : Marc Oberle

Wendy Duranko
Can anyone tell me what the "(Ballast)" means?
Comment from : Wendy Duranko

Not only a spectacular song, but a very well done lyric video as well!
Comment from : Draven_Sword

these guys are really good live!
Comment from : TheGupsterMan

Asia Barrera
I'm sorry to say this but uhm.... I'm seven and I can sing all the lyrics,all the songs actually,just jenny,mr.MTV,And this is the time (Ballast) and yeah
Comment from : Asia Barrera

Casey Kraetsch
Bitter blood builds our prison cells. I love that line. It has so many different ways to look at it.
Comment from : Casey Kraetsch

This would make a really good song for an Obito Uchiha amv/asmv. 😶
Comment from : MyPandabear1000

Kurt Lowe
20 people who viewed this are walking blind. Or deaf, rather.
Comment from : Kurt Lowe

Saleta Dillard
Comment from : Saleta Dillard

Adrien Woods
BEN, are you here? XD
Comment from : Adrien Woods

Justin Singer
It's probably the huge nerd in me but am i the only one who gets a feeling that this song references the clones from star wars.
Comment from : Justin Singer

Maddy Dumont
I love his fucking voice. Especially during the chorus <3 omg I could listen to this song for hours on repeat. 
Comment from : Maddy Dumont

Comment from : medusyn

Jeremiah J
@Xolte Jeff, so we meet again.
Comment from : Jeremiah J

Northern Vixen
I heard this on the station, octane, amazing song, tons of meaning and the message is a strong one, I think I love this band.
Comment from : Northern Vixen

song lyrics .... also the song it self made me cry in a healing way I thank them really imam just let shit go!!!!!!m
Comment from : ANNRKEE666

Liam Locklear
Saw them last night, they were oh so fucking great 
Comment from : Liam Locklear

I first heard this on the radio (100.1 The Edge) and I loved it! Probably my favorite song of 2014.
Comment from : Macktastic7

Bob Smith

Comment from : Bob Smith

Tessarr Goad!!
Hah I know these guys personally
Comment from : Tessarr Goad!!

Daniel Patt
This band kicks ass in concert!
Comment from : Daniel Patt

Mary J.
If we don't open up our eyes, then we're walking blind.(pineal gland) I believw this is what he means.
Comment from : Mary J.

Jeff The Person
SONG FUCKING ROCKS!!! That is all. Good day.
Comment from : Jeff The Person

Christopher Stephens
Spot on, great job man.
Comment from : Christopher Stephens

All the videos i like of this song end up getting taken off for whatever reason. Don't take this one off.
Comment from : Firewolves16

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