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Richard Mesa
Napakasakit lang isipin!
Comment from : Richard Mesa

wel ambagan
Comment from : wel ambagan

Comment from : R P

marjay bayonon
I love freestyle
Comment from : marjay bayonon

Abel Andrade
wala akong pake basta maganda ang pagkakaKanta ng FreeStyle sa kantang ito This Time....iba pa din ang oldsongs kaysa sa mga pacute o pafame....
Comment from : Abel Andrade

Jovic Malazarte
Ang Ganda Ng Song Na To Kahit 13 years old lng ako alam ko na ang song na ito
Comment from : Jovic Malazarte

Eduardo Gevero
Hearing this song brought me back from yesterday.. the day that we decided to part. That was really hurt but it’s true that time will heal and all you have to do is to love yourself more than anything. And if he is destined to you God will lead him back to you. ;)
Comment from : Eduardo Gevero

Madz Gonzaga
I always love freestyle and southborder..... I hope to hear their songs again...
Comment from : Madz Gonzaga

Vincent Valentine
JuDing brought me here ❤️❤️❤️
Comment from : Vincent Valentine

inday sarah

Comment from : inday sarah

Nico Anonuevo
Marco (screen name) at love radio manila brought me here. :)
Comment from : Nico Anonuevo

Vincent Valentine
tbh, the jadine cover of this song isn't as good as its original, maybe for jadine fans' ears it is but you know, try to compare this with that, meh
Comment from : Vincent Valentine

len Bao
I love you dy
Comment from : len Bao

Thania Bio
My favorite ❤ Not because of JADiNE.
Comment from : Thania Bio

Boninay De Vera
That tune tho!😍😍😍
Comment from : Boninay De Vera

Collin Icban
Comment from : Collin Icban

Jake Reyes
whoever Jadine is... must've been a milkshake who brings everybody to the yard..
Comment from : Jake Reyes

Oh I'm sorry, girl, for causing you much pain
Didn't mean to make you cry, make your efforts all in vain
And I apologize for all the things I've done
You were loving me so much but all I did was let you down
Oh, I really don't know just what to say
All I know is that I want you to stay
This time, I'm not gonna let you slip away
This time, I'm not gonna let another day go by
Without holding you so tight
Without treating you so right
This time, I'm not gonna let go of your love
This time, I promise you that we'll rise above it all
And I will never let you fall
I'm gonna give you my all, this time
Oh, I never thought that I was hurting you
Now I know that I was wrong, now I know just what to do
Gonna try to be the best that I could be
All I need is one more chance to make it up to you, you'll see
And there's one more thing that you oughta know
All I know is that I don't want you to go

Comment from : GERALDINE PONT

Dominic Calla
super cringe yung, "c'mon araneta sing!"
Comment from : Dominic Calla

Karl Lawrence Nepomuceno
1000x better than jadine #nohate
Comment from : Karl Lawrence Nepomuceno

Gekotune Yuka - British Virtual Youtuber
Zootroplis Fan here! (Sarcasm. Meant Jadine)
Comment from : Gekotune Yuka - British Virtual Youtuber

Sammie Rose Jo
Comment from : Sammie Rose Jo

JoMa Francisco
Comment from : JoMa Francisco

Jan G
bwisit na jadine brought me here yan can we just appreciste the song guys please?
Comment from : Jan G

Sherri Vega
This song makes me think of someone very special to my heart. XOXO
Comment from : Sherri Vega

Dark Nyt
jadine brought me here too...
Comment from : Dark Nyt

Yani Parz
Just wow! this song really reminds me of someone. I miss you so bad 😪
Comment from : Yani Parz

Sammie Rose Jo
Grabi nakakainlove talaga ang meaning ng this time! Super nakakatouch ng puso sobrang sakit 💔💔💔ng meaning Hahahahaha Nakakarelate ako nito grabi ang sarap sarap ulit ulitin👍👍👍❤❤
Comment from : Sammie Rose Jo

Angelie Jarabe
gandang ganda ako sa kantang to.
Comment from : Angelie Jarabe

Hazel Genterone
jadine makes me : )
Comment from : Hazel Genterone

athena riyu
fav k na to dati kc ang ganda boses ng freestyle sikat cla sayang nawala ngayn pinakikingan ko uli bcoz of this time movie hehe 👍
Comment from : athena riyu

Larae Rosales
This song is really nice, first time I heard of it waaaayyy back years ago.. Sad lang kasi now lang sya na appreciate ng iba just bcoz of jadine. 💔
Comment from : Larae Rosales

rafael canonoy
ang srap tlqa mga song ni freestyle
Comment from : rafael canonoy

Princess Villa
Until now I love freestyle their songs is very nice
Comment from : Princess Villa

simply fat
Comment from : simply fat

Jadine brought me here
Comment from : CJ U

Comment from : ALV RAX

Patricia Elizon
Yung post ni Idol Sean Oquendo sa Fb ang nagdala sakin dito. Sana gawan niya ng cover to. ❤️😍
Comment from : Patricia Elizon

Belle Zaide
Comment from : Belle Zaide

Neonita Pamilacan
hayzel b.manuel😘😘😘
Comment from : Neonita Pamilacan

Maria Angelica Sanchez
My fave song 90's
Comment from : Maria Angelica Sanchez

Stranger Things
I'm here because of JaDine ...
Comment from : Stranger Things

Jhaymin Ortega
jadine brought me here
Comment from : Jhaymin Ortega

Juvelyn Ureta
Jadine brought me here
Comment from : Juvelyn Ureta

Gloria GS
Jadine brought me here too.
Comment from : Gloria GS

Yssah Arento
coz of jadine😛
Comment from : Yssah Arento

WTF! Because of Jadine i came here.
Comment from : redskitter

criselda gaerlan
Me too Jadine brought me here too
Comment from : criselda gaerlan

stephanie quesada
ilove this,song ang ganda ng meaning
Comment from : stephanie quesada

xylee miel aban
JaDine brought me here... :-) I just hope they would make their own version of this song for their movie. <3
Comment from : xylee miel aban

Kiana Lastimoso
Comment from : Kiana Lastimoso

Criselda Gaerlan
jadine also brought me here too
Comment from : Criselda Gaerlan

Ohme Angeles
jadine brought me here 😍
Comment from : Ohme Angeles

mish han
Me too..because of jadine
Comment from : mish han

marz belaguin
this time...jadine movie much better...soundtrack plang the best na
Comment from : marz belaguin

jadine_ heartedangels
JaDine Brought me here..!!
Comment from : jadine_ heartedangels

Michelle Banal
okay. so Jadine brought me here. hahahha
Comment from : Michelle Banal

Hi rai
JaDine 💜
Comment from : Hi rai

Amra Alcantara
Comment from : Amra Alcantara

Gelyn Lacap
Wow nice song
Comment from : Gelyn Lacap

Chrisrose Bulao
tahal ko na hanap to...jadine lg ngdala skin dito...salamat!!
Comment from : Chrisrose Bulao

Jess Miranda
i remenber that day ng mapanuodq ito ng live..together with freestyle..&now my movie nah..i am so proud na real couple pa ung mapa2nuod ko..xcited much...:):)to all the jadine fans..congratz in sdvance sten lahat...kapit lng tayo guys..walang iwanan..
Comment from : Jess Miranda

Hyena Fajardo
jadine brought me here to.. 😊 👊💕
Comment from : Hyena Fajardo

Jace Causing
cool sarap pkinggan :)
Comment from : Jace Causing

E-Lhai Li
JaDine brought me here, too! ♥ ♥ ♥
Comment from : E-Lhai Li

moon n peach
cuz of JaDine!!!!
Comment from : moon n peach

Alona Jane Galdones Arnobit
sino kumanta ng bagong version? pls reply po
Comment from : Alona Jane Galdones Arnobit

Marky Molina
because of jadine love this song already hay ojd pa more
Comment from : Marky Molina

Ayessa Ferrer
JaDine brought me here!!
Comment from : Ayessa Ferrer

April Fatima
JaDine brought me here..
Comment from : April Fatima

Joshua Fernandez
Jadine brought me here
Comment from : Joshua Fernandez

Kelly Estrella
Wow. Jadine land .
Comment from : Kelly Estrella

Riana Castro
jadine new movie ❤❤❤
Comment from : Riana Castro

Reem Alnuaimi
jadine brought me here.its really i love this song.♡♡♡
Comment from : Reem Alnuaimi

Apple Tria
Excited nq to hear jadine na kantahin to 😍
Comment from : Apple Tria

John Fritz
i searched this because jadine.and i love this song too mesmirize when im teenage..like it..so......excited for
Comment from : John Fritz

Jenifer Cadapan
You're right. perfect for jadine...love begins at summer...achieve!!!!
Comment from : Jenifer Cadapan

heyjelai 20
jadine my love brought me here . this time is for real
Comment from : heyjelai 20

benjamin espere
just heard and love this song....well credit to jadine.
Comment from : benjamin espere

Lu Cruz
Jadine brought me here too.
Comment from : Lu Cruz

lanie magbag
jadine new movie theme song ganda!
Comment from : lanie magbag

lyn padin
Comment from : lyn padin

Froianne Cullar
i may love this song for jadine
Comment from : Froianne Cullar

Dorothy Honeylette
Comment from : Dorothy Honeylette

i must admit jadine's movie also pushed me to search this song.... no regrets though....
Comment from : allswellendswell

Dharlene Bea
Listening to this because of Jadine 😍🐵
Comment from : Dharlene Bea

James Pendleton
JaDine brought me here 😍😍LSS💓
Comment from : James Pendleton

Kit katnjkj
Searched this coz of jadine
Comment from : Kit katnjkj

Crystal May Catedrilla
jadine brought me here so excited for the movie. thank you 💜
Comment from : Crystal May Catedrilla

Kerin Bentain
jadine brought me here hahaha this timeeee!
Comment from : Kerin Bentain

Julze Agustin
Go Jadine! :-)
Comment from : Julze Agustin

Marilyn Malacas
I'm here because of jadine upcoming movie :-)
Comment from : Marilyn Malacas

Irene Campana
excited na ako sa summer movie ng Jadine..and singing This Time Song😉😉😉😉
Comment from : Irene Campana

Annepachejo analee
jadine feels
Comment from : Annepachejo analee

Ma Lourdes Balero
i love you freestyle!
Comment from : Ma Lourdes Balero

Crisxiendra Fuentes
iLove this song because i love jadine 😍
Comment from : Crisxiendra Fuentes

kyla abo
jadine also brought me here! 😂
Comment from : kyla abo

Blessie Bagnate
Comment from : Blessie Bagnate

Ruby VS
brings baack good old memories!!! thanks to JaDine too.. free style for the comeback!
Comment from : Ruby VS

Kath Kath
Nadine hello...andito rin pla kayo...
Comment from : Kath Kath

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